In a bid to court developers, Twitter launches major API overhaul


As part of its efforts to rekindle revenue growth, Twitter Inc. is rolling out new application programming interfaces today that target companies interested in taking better advantage of social media.

The landmark upgrade is set to release in stages and builds on technology that the microblogging company obtained through the acquisition of Gnip Inc. in 2014. The Boulder, Colorado-based startup brought a set of APIs to the table with more advanced capabilities than Twitter’s native interfaces, which trace their roots all the way back to 2006. In a blog post, staff developer advocate Andy Piper wrote that the overhaul will see the product lines merged into a single platform.  

Twitter aims to accomplish two objectives with the move. The first is to remove the difficulties that are currently involved in using its APIs due to their generational gap and subsequent technological differences. The other is putting forth a more cohesive value proposition.

Twitter’s Piper wrote that the platform will make social data available under a unified pricing scheme aimed at letting developers pursue a “seamless upgrade path” as they grow their applications. The offering will become available in the form of a new Search API due to arrive later this year. According to the company, the interface will enable users to pull tweets from as far back as seven days at no charge while offering pricing tiers with 30-day and unlimited retrieval windows for a fee.

The Search API will roll out alongside several other new features designed to help brands better interact with consumers on Twitter. One of the most notable additions on the roadmap is a tool that will provide the ability to create tailor-made cards for collecting customer feedback. In conjunction, the social networking giant is rolling out a number of architectural and usability improvements meant to help developers take advantage its new features more easily.

Image: Twitter