With $10.3M in new funding, Terminus wants to bridge sales and marketing


After seeing revenue grow sixfold over the past year, Terminus Software LLC is launching the next phase of its effort to take on the account-based marketing world.

The startup got some support for its mission with a fresh $10.3 million investment announced today. Atlanta Ventures and Edison Partners provided the biggest portion of the funding, while the rest came from a group of eight backers that included marketing automation giant HubSpot Inc. The financing will help Terminus finance the development of new features for its namesake service, which promises to help business-to-business firms acquire clients more efficiently.

At the heart of the platform is a set of capabilities for mapping out a company’s target audience. Terminus enables marketers to augment the client records in their Salesforce.com deployments using a built-in database of more than 200 million professionals. From there, they can consult the information to tailor their campaigns for the preferences of the specific decision-makers they’re hoping to court.

Terminus provides the ability to customize promotions based on what stage of the sales cycle a given lead is in, what devices they use and a variety of other factors. Marketers can then set the campaign in motion using an ad delivery feature that the startup says provides access to more than 50 advertising networks. It’s complemented by an analytics console that aims to help companies assess how their marketing efforts affect sales.

That last feature is perhaps the most notable of the bunch. Making it possible to qualify the results of a campaign enables marketers to tweak promotions based on what works and what doesn’t, which is difficult to achieve using the fairly superficial metrics provided by traditional tools. Better targeting means that more leads end up becoming customers.

This pitch has helped Terminus land deals in a wide range of segments. Its client base includes organizations as diverse as education software giant Rosetta Stone Inc. and cryogenic equipment maker Chart Industries Inc., to name a few.

Image: StockSnap