Aaron Melgar

Aaron is a SiliconANGLE writer covering news events with theCUBE. He studied physics at Santa Clara University and has been on the cutting-edge of technology since starting his career at Qualcomm. More recently, he has taken a strong interest in understanding consumer behavior during interactions with technology. Aaron lives in San Francisco and enjoys travel, reading, wine tasting and meeting people over coffee.

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Is networking hardware getting more configurable through cloud?

As developers become accustomed to configuration of resources up and down the stack, networking technology is also seeing a resurgence of innovation to keep pace with the rest of the industry. Just as a developer is able to reconfigure a virtual server or database on the fly in today’s cloud computing environment, networking hardware is also […]

Post merger: Dell aims to deliver ready, deployable infrastructure

The merger between Dell and EMC has created one of the largest players in the cloud computing and data analytics industries. The two organizations each provided complementary services that support different facets of the business, and the resulting company aims to take advantage of that by expanding its offerings to customers, especially around SAP SE. […]

Private internet: a direct approach to data security in the cloud

As an increasing number of companies make the transition to cloud computing, the security challenges that arise are creating unique opportunities for problem solving. These challenges can pose a significant threat to both consumers and enterprises alike, as exemplified in the Dyn attack last year.  “We have two forces that are colliding, the first is increased […]

Alation strives to solve the data quality debate

As companies become inundated with new sources of data and analytics tools, the quality of the data becomes a factor in determining how to process it. The sheer amount of data being generated is a making it difficult to ensure high-quality analytics and processing, according to Satyen Sangani (pictured), chief executive officer of Alation Inc., a startup tackling […]

How SAP aims to transform the user experience

As cloud computing disrupts the traditional way of doing business, companies must adopt new strategies around the shift or get left behind. Companies are dropping out of the S&P 500 at an alarming rate, creating a sense of urgency to get with the times, according to Floyd Strimling (pictured), global vice president, Platform as a Service, at […]

IT as a Service: transforming the way companies do business

The transition to cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way companies view their information technology organizations. No longer are IT departments tasked with merely maintaining the status quo in some obscure part of the office; IT leadership now takes a seat at the roundtable in shaping the future of a business. “The Wall Street Journal” […]

What’s next for IPv6 communications protocol in OpenStack?

At the core of all modern internet technology is a complex system of routing information from one point to another. This routing system operates largely in the background of most technology organizations but has tremendous impact on the business objectives of a company. A commonly debated topic among the networking community is the transition from the […]

How telecom is shifting its strategy to support cloud computing

Cloud computing has fundamentally expanded the realm of possibilities organizations can accomplish with technology. While a lot of focus has been placed on the cloud technology and data architecture advancements, the underlying telecommunications infrastructure is also seeing a shift in strategies to support the latest trends in cloud computing. Cisco Systems, Inc., known for its hardware infrastructure deployments, is […]

How to apply traditional storage management techniques to open-source tech

Since the first servers started coming online decades ago, managing hardware performance through software control has been at the forefront of internet infrastructure technologies. Only more recently has the term “software-defined storage” been used to describe software managed storage resources in the cloud computing ecosystem. Although cloud computing presents a new set of benefits and challenges, the […]

Will true data protection drive more OpenStack deployments?

As the cloud computing revolution continues to unfold, the open-source community strives to carve out its share of the market. The keys to a successful open-sourced technology are stable performance and a vibrant ecosystem of supporting services. With rumblings of the potential market for OpenStack starting to shrink, how will a budding ecosystem for the leading open-sourced […]