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MIT CDOIQ day 2 wrap-up: Public cloud to put CIO’s to pasture? | #MITIQ

Often times on SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE, guests will have a final question posited them regarding what they believe the bumper sticker on the vehicle pulling away from the event should read. In short, it is a briefly worded takeaway from the keynotes and breakout sessions that encapsulates the overarching message of the conference. Last week’s MIT […]

No more ‘army of one’ with Big Data accountability revolution | #MITIQ

At this week’s MIT CDOIQ Symposium, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, you wouldn’t have been faulted for recognizing that two industries that have embraced the Big Data revolution are healthcare and the financial sector. The benefits of employing analytics models to these fields are more and more apparent. You might be surprised, however, to learn of […]

The extinction of the CIO | #MITIQ

The takeaway from Day 1 of MIT’s CDOIQ Symposium seemed to focus on the redefinition of the CDO in the corporate structure, and the expected dissolution of the position of CIO in many organizations. Here, theCUBE co-hosts discuss the symposium in an end-of-day wrap session. Commenting on this fact, social media strategist Paul Gillin stated, […]

You may not need Big Data after all | #MITIQ

The business buzzword over the past two years has been “Big Data”. Companies are trying to figure our how they can leverage their collected data and translate it into a competitive advantage. However, according to the Director of MIT’s Sloan School Center for Information Systems Research, Jeanne Ross, this approach is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all […]

Exploring the emerging role of the CDO | #MITIQ

Since 2006, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has hosted their Chief Data Officer and Information Quality symposium, highlighting the emerging role of data as a significant driver for revenue generation within an organization. The role of the CDO is the most recent iteration of the evolution of the data steward. Writing for Wired, Bob Leaper […]

Datatorrent hopes to cash in on Internet of Things data wave

Datatorrent co-founder and CEO Phu Hoang, and his co-founder and CTO Amol Kekre, both spent several years in the early part of their careers with Yahoo, working on the company’s search, advertising, commerce, news, finance and sports services. Toward the end of his time at Yahooo, Hoang ran the web search and web monetization groups, […]

HP offers ‘solutions for the new style of IT’ | #HPdiscover

At this week’s HP Discover event in Las Vegas, the executive vice president and general manager of HP’s Enterprise Group, Bill Veghte, sat down with SiliconANGLE to discuss the company’s strategy and embracement of open source, his role in implementing that strategy and how HP’s legacy in the movement will be viewed in the coming […]

Hadoop came out six years ago enterprise-ready | #HadoopSummit

Being the first company to architect their entire suite of software solutions on the Hadoop platform, Tresata is, it is safe to say, fully committed to the technology. Abhi Mehta, the CEO of Tresata, has witnessed the #HadoopSummit grow in popularity and attendance over the many years he has been coming. And he sees that […]

Data is a key strategic asset for every company | #HadoopSummit

The leveraging of data as a competitive asset is quickly becoming the difference between success and failure for companies operating within the same vertical. The writing is definitely on the wall that we will soon see a complete turn over of the infrastructure stacks of all companies in every industry, according to Tresata founder and […]

Hadoop to lasso the enterprise with YARN | #HadoopSummit

This week’s #HadoopSummit is a coming out party, of sorts, for the platform. A theme that Hortonworks VP of Strategy, Shaun Connelly, really wanted to stress was ‘Enterprise Hadoop In Action’. In the few years since the first Hadoop Summit, the entire Hortonworks portfolio, replete with products whose names adhered to their animal theme, has […]