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A regular contributor to SiliconANGLE, Alina Popescu is a writer, self-appointed geek, and coffee addict. She has been blogging for over 8 years, covering various topics from tech to marketing and tourism. Find out more about Alina on her website or follow her on Twitter.

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Big Data solutions should start at the business level | #IBMInterConnect

The core problems enterprises try to solve should be the foundation of a Big Data project, says Joel Horowitz, Director of Portfolio Marketing, Big Data Analytics, IBM. In his joint interview with Nancy Hensley, Director of Marketing, Analytics Platform, IBM, at IBM InterConnect, Horowitz told theCUBE host Dave Vellante that “it all starts with what the […]

Modernized z Mainframe: A bridge to IBM’s future|#IBMInterConnect

In order to succeed, IBM needs to do everything they are doing now, but faster, says SiliconANGLE founder John Furrier. In his opening segment with theCUBE co-host Dave Vellante, Furrier kicked off Day Three of IBM InterConnect with a debate on IBM’s future strategy and what they need to focus on to succeed. Own the […]

The new models and pricing strategy for Internet of Things businesses | #IBMInterConnect

“If you look at the insights market, how people are using things is a bigger market than advertising,” said Stefan Ferber, vice president of Bosch Software Innovations, speaking on the developing trend around connected things. In his live interview with theCUBE at IBM’s annual InterConnect conference, Ferber explained that in the future, each product will be associated with a […]

Developers moving their work from local machines to the cloud | #IBMInterConnect

IBM Bluemix’ main focus is determining how “to make developers successful by bringing their apps to Bluemix,” says Simon Kaegi, Live Sync Lead and DevOps Web IDE Architect, IBM Bluemix. In his live interview with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante at IBM InterConnect 2015, Kaegi states that “if you look at all the […]

IBM builds new enterprise strategy around cloud, mobile, and systems of engagement | #IBMInterConnect

With a “new way to do things”, IBM is now focused on “bringing technology to the enterprise which is starved for cloud, mobile, social,” said John Furrier, SiliconANGLE founder and theCUBE co-host. In the opening segment for IBM InterConnect 2015, co-host Dave Vellante that the event underscores the transitions IBM is currently in, “repositioning the […]

Treasure Data is simplifying the Big Data storage process for the Internet of Things | #BigDataSV

Treasure Data, Inc. offers a cloud based end-to-end platform to collect, store, and analyze data. The company, founded at the end of 2011, has just raised its Series B of funding and wants “to make data accessible to everyone,” said Kiyoto Tamura, Developer Marketing, Treasure Data, in his live interview with theCUBE co-hosts Jeff Frick […]

Big Data adoption is a year-long journey for the enterprise | #BigDataSV

Big Data adoption is typically a year-long journey for enterprises, according to Mani Chhabra, CEO, Cloudwick, Inc. In his live interview at BigDataSV with theCUBE co-hosts Jeff Kelly and Jeff Frick, the initial phase in adoption is where the beginnings of a platform are installed, and the enterprises can see the value in Big Data, “then you […]

Building Hadoop businesses takes time, patience, and a lot of funding | #BigDataSV

For enterprise companies large and small alike, the Hadoop market is a difficult one because of the open source component, which explains the large influx of capital and the length it takes to develop enterprise solutions. In the opening segment of day three of Big Data SV, theCUBE co-hosts Jeff Kelly and Jeff Frick debated how […]

Domain expertise and delivery is critical in Tresata’s enterprise software success | #BigDataSV

2014 was Tresata, Inc.’s first profitable year of operation, making it one of the first pure-play Hadoop companies to reach profitability. In his live interview at BigDataSV with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Jeff Kelly, Trasata’s CEO, Abhi Mehta said the company succeeded by staying true to its vision, and that “the only way to make […]

Big Data’s future expects self-service applications for business users | #BigDataSV

The Big Data industry is moving from its 1.0 phase that focused on capturing all the data to the next stage, which entails “getting Big Data really pervasive through the enterprise,” said Chris Twogood, the vice president of product and services marketing at Teradata. In his live interview at BigDataSV with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier […]