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Twitter’s future as a publishing platform

Twitter Inc. has clearly been going through some tough times but that may be about to change. After a three month long search for a CEO they brought back Jack Dorsey the original founder and CEO. Jack was interim CEO since Dick Costello stepped down in July and was the front runner the whole time. […]

How Creative Founders Build Great Products and Companies

For a one day single track conference, there was much to be learned at GigaOm Roadmap – Design in the Age of Connectedness. The Allstar lineup consisted of some of the best and brightest technology start up and design and included Kevin Systrom – CEO of Instagram, David Karp – CEO of Tumbr, Yves Behar […]

Hurricane Sandy and How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Save Lives

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down with full force on the east coast of the United States, and as I read Jack Dorsey’s tweet: I knew that Jack has a lot to be proud of. I turned to Tweetdeck and took a look at the hashtag #Sandy and was blown away. Tweetdeck indicated that my stream […]

Could Google+ Find its Niche as a Twitter Alternative?

When I fired up Tweetdeck to participate in #innochat tweet chat yesterday, I was greeted by silence. At first, I thought I was having local network issues, but after a quick check of the Twitter API status I realized that it was not me. Twitter experienced a widespread service outage, actually two. Twitter was, down […]

Twitter Will Introduce an Advertising Model and It May Look Like This

Last week I speculated that the new Twitter’s native Retweet feature was about search, but it looks like maybe I was wrong; it a may be all about advertising, with search playing a supporting role. Robert Scoble says that at today’s TechCrunch Real Time Crunchup, Dick Costolo – Twitter’s COO, said that Twitter will introduce an advertising model. Scoble speculates that this will be done through metadata. He believes the metadata would be revealed when you mouse over a given tweet. I think that the metadata will be used to instantly generate an advertisement and it will be the ad that is revealed when you mouse over the tweet not the metadata.

Was the Twitter Retweet Feature Designed to Bring Value to Google and Bing Search

Speculation about why Twitter has chosen to architect the new “Retweet feature” without the ability to edit, and why they chose to call it Retweet even though it does not serve the same function as the cultural convention that we currently call Retweet.

Retweet, as a cultural convention has been a significant driver to Twitter adoption and even more so in creating Twitter evangelists. Many of the most diehard Twitter users frequently use Retweet. In doing so they not only distribute others content but connect to their followers. They add value through edits that add content, context, Humor etc. Often this added information is appreciated and conversational. In turn, the retweeter gains visability and credibility as a curator of good content and fosters conversations about the content. I suspect some of the most diehard Twitter users would revolt if they were confined to the new Retweet feature, wherein edits are not possible

Twitter Lists Break Down Barriers to Adoption and Gives More Power to the Influential

The act of creating lists may result in a dual class of Twitizen – Those who are on lists of influential people and those who are not. To some extent lists may freeze the status quo of power structures within Twitter as they exist today, Give those with influence even more, and may make it much harder for new users to be discovered which may hinder engagement by the long tale of users