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Anthony Coln is a Morehouse College grad with a degree in Mathematics. He covers the ServicesAngle and DevOps beats.If you have a news tip or story idea, please tweet us @SiliconAngle

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4 areas to upgrade for a green data center : Efficient + modern IT

As business increases for an enterprise, so does the amount of demand on the data center from the various applications that an enterprise has running. In the past more physical resources could be thrown at the increased demand; more servers, more storage, more fans and more coolers. Once a data center has grown to the […]

Quip launches Android app with exclusive features : Hands-on Review

As far as word processors are concerned, the most prominent application in the industry has to be Microsoft Word. People create and edit documents, save documents for future consideration, and regularly email documents to share with others. What if there was a way to do all that within one interface? That’s what Quip is all […]

3 ways apps are learning to talk to each other

Today we have hundreds of software applications that we use to perform various tasks. These applications initially were PC-based, but with the growth of the mobile trend we saw these applications and more flood over to our smartphones and tablets. We have applications for social media, banking, note-taking, file hosting, web bookmarking, news aggregating, and […]

Hangups with Keeping Track of the “Quantified Self”

With the increase of mobile technology and applications, we have also witnessed an increase in data tracking and the “quantified self” trend. Put simply, the “quantified self” involves associating metrics with personal tracked information. There are food logs used to track one’s diet, applications that track running/walking activity, and wearable hardware that tracks other physical […]

Infrastructure Optimization + Innovation Through Cloud Adoption

General Manager of Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure at IBM Deepak Advani came to talk on theCube with Dave Vellante and Stu Miniman at IBM Edge 2013 in Las Vegas. When asked about cloud adoption, Advani noted that the pressure CIOs are under to do more with less is part of the move. By adopting a […]

Easy Innovation for the Enterprise : Just Let ServiceNow Run Your IT Business

Bart Murphy, who serves as Vice President of Shared Services and CTO of CareWorks, sat down with Dave Vellante and Jeff Frick on theCube at ServiceNow Knowledge13 to speak about his service experience. CareWorks is a family of six businesses. Murphy explains that five of them re centered on healthcare in different avenues, while one […]

“I no longer have to tell people I can’t do something.” ServiceNow Removes the Limitations Barrier

Neil Laufenberg, Senior Manager of IT Service Management with FICO, attended the ServiceNow Knowledge13 conference and joined theCube with Dave Vellante to talk about his experience with ServiceNow. Laufenberg begins by stating the problem is no longer if he can do something, but how long it will take him to do it. “The thing I […]

ServiceNow Connects all the Dots for It’s Customers

Carolyn Hollingsworth, Senior Manager of IT Service Operations at Lennox International, came to the ServiceNOW Knowledge13 conference and sat to speak with Dave Vellante and Jeff Frick on theCube about her experience with ServiceNOW. Lennox International is a global manufacturer of heating and air conditioning equipment based in Dallas, Texas. Hollingsworth explains that she sees ServiceNOW […]

The CIO Role and How ServiceNow is Helping it Evolve

Greg Wishart, Service Stream CIO, attended the ServiceNow Knowledge13 conference and spoke with Dave Vellante and Jeff Frick on theCube. Service Stream is a ServiceNow customer based in Australia. The main facets of their company include a telecommunications business that manages fiber across Australia, a mobile communications business that builds mobile communication towers, and an […]

Satisfied ServiceNow “Groupies” Get a Voice at Knowledge13

ServiceNow CMO Beth White joins Dave Vellante and Jeff Frick on theCube, at the ServiceNOW Knowledge13 conference. She outlines that they have roughly 4,000 participants at the conference this year. They had a good showing at an Executive/CIO Decisions event. Some fourteen CIOs and VPs presented at the conference by request. This was done by a […]