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Acer Review: $250 Chromebook In; Microsoft Windows Out

Pundits left and right make fun of Google’s  Chromebook laptops, claiming they are toys that can’t compete with Microsoft  and Apple. They are “not real computers,” we are told — not worthy, a fad — sort of like the temporary netbook craze from early 2009. Half of these deniers have never used a Chromebook for […]

For Microsoft CEO: Marissa Mayer, not Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally has an outstanding track record from Ford Motor and Boeing , but most likely wouldn’t be the right guy to lead Microsoft  to success. Rather, what Microsoft needs to become relevant in the consumer space again are Marissa Mayer and Yahoo! The new frontiers in the great ecosystems war are shifting very quickly. […]

Microsoft Moves to Copy Apple and Google

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s  smartphone business should come as no surprise to those who have watched Microsoft over the last year. The strategy has turned into copying Apple  Apple and Google more and more, and for good reason. Let’s count the ways: Stores: People have been making fun of the Microsoft stores because nobody seems […]

The Real Meaning of Moto X

Google’s Motorola is set to launch the long-awaited Moto X smartphone on August 1. The major question that arises is: How can this device differentiate itself in the market? There have been more leaks around the Moto X than I can count. Some of them may be true; others not. Other things have not been […]

Review: Nokia’s Flagship Windows Phone on Verizon

Microsoft is desperately trying to make a dent into Google’s dominance in the mobile computing business. Even Apple has been ahead of Microsoft for five years now, and BlackBerry’s smartphone market share is approximately equal to Microsoft’s. Verizon already is selling two Windows Phone 8 smartphones — one from HTC  and one from Nokia . […]

Google Likely to Replace Android with Chrome

The biggest smartphone technology event in a decade may be just one year away. Google  appears to be working hard to replace Android with its current PC desktop/laptop operating system, Chrome OS — commonly referred to as “Chromebook” and “Chromebox” products. These new smartphones and tablets would be called “Chromephones” and “Chromepads.” The Chromephones would […]

What’s Next for Android: Google’s New Hardware Strategy

For the last few years, Google has rolled out a new version of Android every year. There is no reason to believe 2013 will be an exception. Android 5.0, aka “Key Lime Pie,” will replace Android 4.2, aka “Jelly Bean,” this year. I have no idea what Android 5.0 will contain in terms of new […]

Google Launches the Bugatti of Laptops

I’m typing this review on the coolest piece of hardware in the market today, the Google Pixel. If you can afford to spend $1,299 or $1,449 on a laptop, this should be your next productivity device. Google’s other current laptops are among the least expensive in the market: $199, $249 and $449, respectively. But just […]

Getting Tesla Wrong

Leading up to Tesla’s quarterly report, I was under the impression that the consensus was overwhelmingly bearish. Short interest was high, and there is no shortage of opinionated articles proclaiming electric cars to be terrible, dead and un-investable. With this type of background, a mediocre quarterly report would be enough for a stock to trade […]

Life With Google Chromebook: Mac/Windows Killer

What’s better than the best customer support in the world? No need for customer support, that’s what. And that is the story of the best PC in the world, the Google  Chromebook. Once upon a time, in the 1990s, I wasted probably 100-plus hours per year on various forms of PC support and maintenance. Booting […]