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Bert Latamore is a freelance writer covering the intersection of IT and business for SiliconANGLE. He is a frequent contributor to CrowdChats focused on theCUBE coverage of major IT industry events and site editor at He has 35 years’ experience covering the IT industry including four with Gartner, five with Meta Group, and eight with Wikibon. He lives in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife, Moire, and their dog, cat and macaw. In his spare time he enjoys reading, hiking and photography.

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Big data market to become more integrated as it grows, analyst says

The big data and analytics market place will grow 27 percent overall in 2017, writes Wikibon Lead Big Data and Analytics Analyst George Gilbert. Growth will shift up the stack from hardware and infrastructure to analytics and applications, and the technology will mature from its current fragmented state to become more integrated. For example, applications […]

Researcher sees Amazon facing new challenges as cloud market fragments

Amazon Web Services is growing at an incredible pace, driven mainly by greenfield software development both by enterprises and by software-as-a-service startups. That growth shows no signs of slowing, but the cloud market is expanding in two significant new directions in which AWS faces stiff competition, writes Wikibon Chief Research Officer Peter Burris. The first of […]

IBM expands partner program focused on cloud and cognitive

IBM Corp. has broadly expanded its channel support program to focus on security, cloud and cognitive computing. The expansions include more than 40 competencies that will help partners build expertise in high market growth areas, and an agreement with VMware Inc., that will allow partners to sell VMware packages running on the IBM cloud and […]

Big data strategies must include mainframes, analyst says

Mainframes cannot remain an island separate from big data. Mainframe data is too valuable and central to the business to be left isolated, particularly when companies start using analytics to answer core business questions that will guide digital businesses in the future. But mainframe data also requires special handling, writes Wikibon Chief Research Officer Peter […]

CrowdChat dramatizes shift in attitude about hybrid cloud

What exactly is a “hybrid cloud”? What is the state of hybrid cloud today, and what is the vision for its future? These were the central questions debated by the Wikibon community and a panel of experts in the #HybridCloud CrowdChat last week (Wikibon is a sister company of SiliconANGLE). The event drew more than […]

Packaged machine learning apps can put businesses ahead of the curve

Systems of record such as enterprise resource planning software accumulate huge amounts of valuable data that can become the basis for better business decisions. Realizing that value, however, requires applying machine learning to that data. It’s best not to rely on ERP vendors to the heavy lifting, however. Few are likely to add machine learning […]

Forget the data scientists, go with pre-packaged machine learning, says Wikibon’s Gilbert

Wikibon Big Data and Analytics Analyst George Gilbert has good news for companies struggling with advanced analytics: They do not need a data scientist. Instead, they can use pre-packaged generic machine learning applications designed to answer specific business questions such as determining the optimal stocking plan for the stores in a grocery chain. These packages come […]

Creative management group joins with IBM on global copyright platform

The Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music and IBM Corp. today announced a 10-year alliance to develop a platform on the IBM Cloud to manage payments of residual fees to musicians and other artists and their publishers in the digital age. The platform, named “URights,” is expected to be in operation by the […]

Emerging machine learning pipeline should simplify application development, analyst says

A machine learning “pipeline” – similar to the pipeline for traditional business intelligence – is emerging. It should, in theory, enable developers to pick components off of a “Chinese menu” of building blocks, writes George Gilbert, big data & analytics analyst at the research firm Wikibon, a sister company of SiliconANGLE. This pipeline (left) has four […]

Analyst expects big data industry to address complexity in 2017

Big data has been around for a decade, yet production big data analysis systems that extract business value are scarce. The problem is complexity at multiple levels, and in 2017 the industry will start addressing those complexities, writes Wikibon Big Data & Analytics Analyst George Gilbert. Although Gilbert doesn’t expect all the complexity to go away, […]