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Bert Latamore is a freelance writer covering the intersection of IT and business for SiliconANGLE. He is a frequent contributor to CrowdChats focused on theCUBE coverage of major IT industry events and site editor at He has 35 years’ experience covering the IT industry including four with Gartner, five with Meta Group, and eight with Wikibon. He lives in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife, Moire, and their dog, cat and macaw. In his spare time he enjoys reading, hiking and photography.

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Machine learning building blocks create complexity, says Wikibon analyst

Advanced analysis tools are critical to extracting value from big data. The problem, writes Wikibon Big Data & Analytics Analyst George Gilbert, is that the various open source and proprietary building blocks of machine learning analysis applications often use incompatible application and administrative services, making it difficult to build smooth-running applications. This complexity is slowing […]

Wikibon sees 2020 as tipping point in which flash goes mainstream

Consumer volume economics and enterprise data value benefits will drive solid-state (flash) drive dominance in the enterprise storage market for the foreseeable future, writes Wikibon CTO David Floyer. Today, flash storage is still more expensive per bit than traditional hard (magnetic) disk drives. However, the order-of-magnitude performance and huge input/output advantages of flash — which […]

Wikibon sees ARM, OpenPower, flash storage prospering in 2017

Five of Wikibon Chief Technology Officer David Floyer’s six predictions for 2017 are underscored by a single assumption: Consumer technologies will drive into the enterprise information technology market with greater speed and success than technologies built exclusively for the enterprise. Floyer sees a bright year for flash storage, ARM processors, and Nvidia Corp. graphics processing […]

Wikibon: Fragmentation frustrates Industrial Internet of Things early adopters

The Industrial Internet of Things has specialized needs, including the ability to create, process, store, analyze and discard 95 percent of data at edge locations such as wind farms and offshore oil fields. Wikibon defined these in “The Vital Role of Edge Computing for IoT: 2016 Update.” In his latest analysis, Wikibon Chief Technology Officer David […]

VMware/AWS is a win for IT, but many details unclear, analyst says

The Amazon Web Services-VMware Inc. agreement that will see VMware virtualization services running natively on bare-metal AWS servers is a potential big win for enterprise IT, writes Wikibon CTO David Floyer.  In some ways the partnership is a natural, Floyer writes. Each partner is strong in areas where the other either is weak or does […]

Analyst sees AWS-VMware accord unleashing software innovation

The new agreement between Amazon Web Services and VMware Inc. to allow transaction processing applications running on VMware to migrate between on-premise and AWS VMware clusters will catalyze legacy application innovation, writes Wikibon Lead Big Data and Analytics Analyst George Gilbert. It will make the promise of hybrid cloud a reality, at least for applications running […]

Report: AWS-VMware accord opens new hybrid cloud possibilities

On-premises and public cloud computing have developed largely independent of each other, with each using different hardware, software and data center architectures. These basic differences have made the promise of hybrid computing – to enable applications to access resources and data both on premise and in the cloud – difficult to realize. The new partnership […]

Analyst sees storage driving computer performance growth

For most of information technology’s 70-year history since the Eniac computer, the industry has depended on Moore’s Law — the reality that processor chip powery would double roughly every 18 months — to meet the constant demands for higher performance to support new and more complex workloads. Now chip design is reaching its physical limits, […]

Researchers explain why most IoT action will happen at the edge

The industrial Internet of things (IoT) requires integrating information technology (IT) with operations technology (OT), and that can best be done at the edge, where the machinery being measured lives, rather than in a central data center or even in the public cloud. The value of much industrial IoT data decreases too quickly to tolerate […]

How big data and DBMS markets fundamentally differ

Big data technologies differ from traditional RDBMS in one basic and very important respect, writes Wikibon Big Data & Analytics Analyst George Gilbert. RDBMS technology was vertically integrated, with each vendor developing its core technology and adding to it over time. Big data technology, in contrast, has never been controlled in that manner. The people and […]