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Bert Latamore is a freelance writer covering the intersection of IT and business for SiliconANGLE. He is a frequent contributor to CrowdChats focused on theCUBE coverage of major IT industry events and site editor at He has 35 years’ experience covering the IT industry including four with Gartner, five with Meta Group, and eight with Wikibon. He lives in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife, Moire, and their dog, cat and macaw. In his spare time he enjoys reading, hiking and photography.

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Traveling Light: Mobile Computing and e-Publishing

I am a long-time user and advocate of e-books, going back to the advent of PeanutPress (now, a division of Barnes & Noble) on the Palm PDA platform more than a decade ago. And yes, I agree that e-books will never be the equivalent of fine hardbacks. But they are a lot cheaper, and […]

In the Virtual/Cloud Age, Computing Services Replace Applications

Virtualization is part of the strategy that internal IT needs to adopt for competing against Cloud services. A second important part of that strategy is to package and price what it provides as services. This requires rethinking by IT professionals who are used to thinking in terms of individual components of base infrastructure, hardware, networks, […]

Virtualization a Key to IT Survival in the Age of Utility Computing

We are clearly entering the age of utility computing, in which computing will be delivered as a set of packaged services out of a plug in the wall (or increasingly often wirelessly via WiFi and 4G cellular) to end-users, just as electricity and TV are delivered. Those services will be paid for according to metered […]

Apple iPad Stolen in Big Apple: Tablets’ Physical Security Issues

Some things never change, and one of those is that if something is valuable someone wants to steal it. The first report of a stolen iPad was published recently in The Huffington Post. I also saw a report of a stolen Amazon Kindle, also in Brooklyn, but in this case snatched out of the owners […]

The iPad & the End-User Computing Revolution

With more than 2 million units sold in its first two months the Apple iPad is clearly a phenomenon. And with at least three competing thin neo-tablets — the WebOS-based iSlate from HP and the Android tablet from Google, both promised for the fall, and the eeePad running Windows 7 from Asus, due early next […]