Bev Terrell

Bev Terrell

With more than 20 years of technical writing experience in the information technology business, Bev Terrell is a SiliconANGLE writer covering live news events with theCUBE. She got her start at EDS (now Hewlett Packard) and also worked at ACS (now Xerox Business Services), so it’s fair to say Bev has personally experienced the changing landscape of the outsourcing industry. In addition to a passion for writing, Bev loves to paint portraits and to spoil her large yellow cat, Seamus.
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Simplifying cloud complexity; strengthening cloud security | #theCUBE

The rise in popularity of the hybrid cloud means that many companies’ assets are divided between private clouds, public clouds and data centers. This increase in complexity can make managing data difficult. So how are some companies moving forward with the hybrid cloud? Joe Kinsella, founder and CTO at CloudHealth, joined Stu Miniman (@stu), co-host […]

The future of the database market in a world of big data and IoT | #theCUBE

With the ups and downs of the tech business and wide-ranging innovation cycles, market experts are weighing in on the transformation of the database market. And one of those experts is Gary Bloom, CEO at MarkLogic Corp. Bloom recently joined John Furrier (@furrier), co-host of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, at theCUBE Studio in Palo […]

An API that brings athletes together | #Amplify

Pace Match is an API that was developed by Becky Jaimes (@theeBecky), founder of Pace Match, to aggregate the data from different running portals — such as Strava and Nike+ — to match up runners who have the same running pace and who run on the same paths. Jaimes came up with the idea when […]

The women securing content online: Cloudfare’s early lessons and goals | #Amplify

One of the biggest concerns today in technology is online security. While there are many different ideas on how to make sites more secure, Cloudflare Inc.’s unique approach is as a content delivery network. When a website is signed up with Cloudflare, its traffic is routed through an intelligent global network that automatically optimizes the delivery […]

Zadara looks to Intel SSDs to boost software-defined storage | #theCUBE

While cloud technology has been the biggest development in IT infrastructure for nearly a decade, larger companies have been slow to adopt the service delivery model for storage. The main reason is the existing legacy storage infrastructure in which companies have already invested and installed. Companies are reluctant to remove and replace legacy shared storage […]

Software-defined storage morphs from ‘cost play to innovation play’ | #KubeCon

Since 2010, storage has been at the center of disruption, especially with the advent of big data and the expansion of cloud. And companies like Red Hat Inc. are creating storage platforms using open-source containers. Red Hat Gluster Storage is a scalable data management platform that streamlines file and object access across physical, virtual and cloud environments. […]

How Samsung SDS is leveraging Kubernetes and open source | #KubeCon

As we look to the enterprise for signals of Kubernetes’ maturity, Samsung SDS America Inc., provides an interesting use case. The company has been working on Kubernetes (the open-source container cluster management software project by Google Inc.) for the past two years and serves on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation board, paving the way for the growth […]

Nutanix seeks to expand in the EMEA market | #NEXTConf

Nutanix Inc., a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems in 2015 and 2016, recently hired a new VP of EMEA. Chris Kaddaras has been with Nutanix for three whole weeks, but he has a solid 24-year background in infrastructure technology business. Originally from the U.S., he’s been living and working in EMEA […]

Asset management company shares lessons learned with all-flash arrays | #NEXTConf

Delen Private Bank, founded in 1936, specializes in private wealth management and stockbroking services for international clients. The bank has been a Nutanix Inc. client for almost four years, and it is one of the early adopters of hyper-converged infrastructure, with many lessons-learned to share. At the recent Nutanix 2016 .NEXT Europe event, bank members presented two […]

Kubernetes and the open-source, cloud-native evolution | #KubeCon

As the movement to further the education and advancement of Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud-Native architectures continues to grow, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation hosted KubeCon 2016 in Seattle, WA, this week to gather leading Kubernetes technologists from multiple open-source cloud-native communities. During the event, Jim Walker, VP of Marketing at CoreOS Inc., and Joseph Jacks, senior director […]