Bev Terrell

Bev Terrell

With more than 20 years of technical writing experience in the information technology business, Bev Terrell is a SiliconANGLE writer covering live news events with theCUBE. She got her start at EDS (now Hewlett Packard) and also worked at ACS (now Xerox Business Services), so it’s fair to say Bev has personally experienced the changing landscape of the outsourcing industry. In addition to a passion for writing, Bev loves to paint portraits and to spoil her large yellow cat, Seamus.
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Navigating the ‘data ocean’, Project Nautilus streamlines real-time analytics

A whole new universe of data is being produced by the Internet of Things devices, connected cars, wind sensors, smart TVs, activity trackers; essentially, anything that generates data. That information not only needs to be stored for later reference, enterprises are looking to run real-time analysis on the data sets, immediately. Until recently, organizations have […]

How the Dell EMC merger affected midrange storage solutions

Last year’s historic Dell EMC merger left countless questions in its wake. How best to combine product lines? What about customers of both industry giants? How could the newly formed computing provider balance the needs of existing customers? And how could Dell EMC present a united front to those customers, smoothing over the knowledge transfer that must […]

Shazam moves to automated data backups, streamlines ops and ups security

The data coming into enterprises today is doing so at a rapid pace, while at the same time its importance is increasing. Newer technologies such as machine learning and smart learning process the raw data, using it for technological and business-related purposes. So, is the huge amount of data pouring into organizations protected? Moreover, can […]

Managing the upcoming ‘data tsunami’ with solid state drives

Not too long ago, floppy disks could handle the vast majority of storage needs. But now, the incoming waves of data from not just computers — but also electronic devices, apps, internet refrigerators, sensors, smart TVs and so on — need to be loaded, stored, processed and analyzed in a timely fashion. “If you think […]

Hello Alice aims to disrupt startup world, connect female entrepreneurs to resources, working capital

While access to capital, mentorship and networks are critical to the success of male and female entrepreneurs, women who start businesses have a more difficult time getting the help that they need, especially when it comes to financing. Women receive just 3 percent of venture capital in the U.S., a dismal statistic, according to Carolyn Rodz […]

Preparing for a new software-led networking world

Networking was a hot topic at this week’s OpenStack Summit in Boston, Massachusetts. One of the most notable use cases discussed during the Summit was Verizon’s Software-Defined Networking-Network Function Virtualization OpenStack cloud deployment across five of its U.S. data centers. But while the network industry has been discussing SDN for the past five or so years […]

Modularity and ‘playing well with others’ key to OpenStack’s popularity, analysts say

While OpenStack, an open-source software platform for cloud computing, is not a simple solution for enterprises, its much-acclaimed modularity can enhance any environment into which it is installed, according to Stu Miniman (@stu) (pictured, right), co-host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile live streaming studio. Its ease of use and flexibility give users the ability to build […]

Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘node-a-rama’

Before ready nodes, Dell EMC had customers attempting to deploy things like vSAN or other software-defined storage solutions, and they found they were running into problems. In trying to help their customers navigate those issues, Dell EMC discovered there were dependencies in that stack and in the underlying infrastructure. Therefore, nodes were born to solve […]

Sustainable, open-source business models emerging in enterprise

As open-source technologies continue to infiltrate the enterprise, The OpenStack Foundation also continues to make its presence known, especially as the maturing platform looks to re-establish its market position. The meeting of users, developers, enterprises and anyone interested in open-source technologies at the foundation’s annual OpenStack Summit extends an opportunity to network together and expand the collective knowledge base. “Getting […]

Telcos and containers abuzz at OpenStack Summit

As the OpenStack Summit 2017 closed out its second day, attendees observed: “There’s an [OpenStack] ecosystem; there’s a landscape, it all has to interoperate. Usability and componentization [are] part of that,” stated John Troyer (@jtroyer) (pictured, left), guest host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile live streaming studio. Troyer mentioned that his favorite part so far […]