Brittany Greaner

A graduate of UW – Eau Claire, Brittany Greaner is a SiliconANGLE writer covering live news events with theCUBE. Telling stories has always been her passion, and she has written everything from short stories to haikus. An interest in international issues and human rights drove her to join Americorps VISTA for a year of service, where she worked with a local nonprofit to support refugees and immigrants in Pennsylvania.

She has also lived in Japan for a year, where she learned how to shoot a bow like a pro and navigate trains like she wasn’t someone from small-town Wisconsin.

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Managing individual hosts as a group with Atomic | #KubeCon

Distributed management software for operating systems hasn’t changed in any significant way for the past 20 years, according to Josh Berkus, Project Atomic community lead at Red Hat Inc. There have been some smaller shifts, such as the addition of configuration management, but in the broader sense the software has remained unchanged. Moving to an […]

Cleaning up the mess: Kubernetes allows for a more efficient application | #KubeCon

RackN Inc. is using Kubernetes to solve “underlay problems,” including infrastructure, automation and provisioning. And while this is extremely helpful, it does not actually solve all existing problems. It is more like sweeping them under the rug. “You can hide [the mess], but it’s still there. Our specialty is an automation platform called Digital Rebar […]

Tap, tap, tap: Is interactive television around the corner? | #ibmwow

Television has long struggled to get viewers feeling like they’re interacting with the show. Perhaps the most successful example is “American Idol,” where each week the votes of the audience determines which performing contestants stay and which go. By June 30, 2017, that entire concept could be amplified beyond anything seen so far in television entertainment […]

The ethics of AI and the need for technical education reform | #ibmwow

Most everyone agrees that advancements in the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and the like will change the world. What people may not agree on is to what degree it should be regulated and what constitutes ethical practices. But these are necessary conversations in order to prepare for such an unknown future, said Shannon Vallor, […]

From IT to education: Internet of Things impacting every field | #ibmwow

The TV show The IT Crowd played off of stereotypes on what it’s like to work in IT. Basically, it meant working in the basement, no one except the CEO remembering you exist, and impatiently asking people if they’ve tried turning the device off and on again. But the Internet of Things is changing all […]

Collaborative workspaces and digital handshakes | #ibmwow

DocuSign Inc. and IBM Corp. have formed a new and powerful partnership. For DocuSign, IBM’s Watson cognitive computing platform makes contracts smarter than ever, with an ability to evaluate and flag potential issues in contracts, according to Inhi Cho Suh, GM of Collaboration Solutions at IBM. On IBM’s side, the partnership with DocuSign is another […]

Behind the scenes of machine learning, AI and APIs | #ibmwow

IBM Watson, a machine learning platform, has been traditionally trained on a bank of questions, but when it comes to recommendations, no such bank of questions exists. “We can’t train Watson on every question possible when the users can ask anything,” said Pietro Mazzoleni, program director of Marketing Technology and Innovation at IBM Research. He […]

What does a Chief Digital Officer do? | #ibmwow

CDO is generally understood to stand for Chief Data Officer, but that isn’t how the Schaeffler Group sees it. Instead CDO stands for Chief Digital Officer. What’s the difference? “Data is the raw material. Digital is the additional value you create with data, … Digital means you bring both the data and mechanics together,” said […]

Weather and Watson: IBM anxious for brainy business insight | #ibmwow

Some people might have scratched their heads upon hearing plans for tech giant IBM Corp. to acquire The Weather Company. In fact, there are many ways the weather affects IBM’s clients. Golf clubs and air traffic control are two obvious industries that rely on early knowledge of temperature and precipitation levels, but contextualizing weather patterns can help predict unlikely […]

Cloud culture clash: The small steps to evolve big business | #ibmwow

Staples is one of the largest eCommerce businesses in the world, and it’s unique in that half of its customers are small-to-medium-sized businesses. While Staples is moving from the framework of the past to the cloud, it is also working to meet those customers where they are. “Anything you want can be done in store or on our apps,” […]