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Lovotics and the Possibility of Falling In Love With Robots Someday

Robots can trick humans to loving them. This is what  Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) researchers discovered recently according to The New York Times. Given the proper stimulus and behavior, humans are able to form relationships with just about anything. As the employment and development of machines to become better caretakers, emergency responders, and house help escalates […]

AI On The Rise Weekly: IBM’s AI Chef, Robots Discerning Bad Breath and More on Google Glass

The first time the public laid eyes on Google Glass, there were more questions than praise. The main concern would be security and privacy. How can you feel safe partying in a club when a man wearing Google Glass walks in and stealthily take photos and videos of what’s happening inside? Theater owners would also […]

The Future is DevOps, Big Names Agree

The DevOps market is growing at a record pace. It has keenly taken a grip on the enterprise as business models mature. The rapid progress can be linked to increasing demands on mobile and cloud applications. Companies have already acknowledged their future to be somewhat dependent on DevOps. In his inaugural speech, new CA Technologies […]

Game Changer Valve Tests Its Theory of Fun at CES 2013

As CES gets its mojo back for the 2013 event, Steam Box in attendance, heats up its engine to position itself as a console killer. Dubbed as the “PC for your living room”, tech analysts that Steam’s hardware could be the last nail in the coffin of the limping console generation. It is engineered to […]

AI On The Rise Weekly: Robots Dive The Great Barrier Reef, Visit CES 2013

Artificial intelligence shows no signs of slowing down as several updates lead to progress, one after another. Even the Asian powerhouse China has now recognized the big positive impact of robotics in their economy. See all CES coverage here!

CES 2013: Kingston and Victorinox Manage to Fit 1TB in a Flash Drive

After the explosive pre-shows, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 kicks of tonight in Las Vegas for a 4-day technological nirvana. The biggest names in information technology industry are expected to wow the crowd with groundbreaking product launches. One of these is world’s leading supplier of memory servers and devices, Kingston, which will introduce their much-awaited […]

Old School Video Game Gets 21st Century Makeover, Thanks To CrowdFunding

The rebirth of Elite: Dangerous is nearing. As crowdfunding for this video game, first played in the 80’s, reaches $1.25 million, its renaissance is just around the corner. This Kickstarter project is still accepting pledges until midnight GMT/7PM EST of January 4th, Friday. David Braben, one of the original creators of the video game, could not […]

Colleges Offers Tool to Clean Up the Digital Lives of Students for Job Hunting

For college students, online footprints could be just everything to jump start their career, or not. These tracks are your life’s digital imprints. Things that you do not only deliberately write in your CV for your LinkedIn profile, but also the horrid comments you dropped in your Facebook page when you felt disgusted or the last tweet […]

AI On The Rise Weekly: Artificial Brain, Fraud Buster, Portable ER, and Twitter Police

We survived the Mayan Calendar’s prediction of the world’s end. But, are we going to make it through the robot invasion? That hanging question may be taken in a good or bad light. But since this is the start of a new year, let us focus on the positive ones. The Artificial Brain Complex is […]

The Best of 2012 AI: A Look Back at The Year’s Top Virtual Assistants, Lurching Giants and Augmented Reality

The New Year is here! There is no better way to jumpstart 2013 artificial intelligence but by looking back at the previous year’s high points. Several remarkable technological innovations of 2012 can be traced back to AI. Big names and newcomers alike partook in various advancements in this side of technology. Here is a quick […]