Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller is a bit of a PaaS Queen & the Cloud Ecosystem Evangelist for Red Hat's OpenShift Origin the Open Source Private PaaS. She is a leading advocate for Open Cloud technologies, has authored numerous articles & white papers on emerging technologies and can often be found pontificating on various and sundry dev & open source topics at conferences ranging from OSCON, PyCon to CloudExpo, CloudConnect.You can follow her on twitter at @pythondj

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Cloud Distros & PaaS: Another Lightbulb Moment

Building private clouds is hard work, so it is no surprise that enterprise cloud distributions are on the rise, especially OpenStack distributions. Firms are racing to fill an obvious need for enterprise-ready OpenStack deployments. As more enterprises spin up pilots of private clouds, it is becoming obvious that CIOs expect more than access to cloud […]

Clouds Without Fear: The Big Bang Theory of Cloud Sprawl

Cloud Sprawl is fast becoming the new enterprise reality, but it does not need to be something to be feared. Rather than avoiding cloud sprawl, enterprises can learn how to identify cloud sprawl, rein it in and make it work for them by leveraging tool chains now available for managing workloads spread across multiple clouds. […]

Java Security Flaws: Wake-Up Call for DevOps

At the best of time, IT departments have a hard time keeping up with patches and updates necessary to fix security holes. With the emergence of the DevOps role, responsibility for maintaining a vigilant watch may have shifted onto new shoulders, but with the rise of new PaaS technologies comes a new level of automation […]

Crossing IT Chasms with Private Platform as a Service

Cloud computing has the wind in its sails. Research group Gartner predicts revenue from Platform as a Service (PaaS) will grow 33 percent this year. Welcomed by both PaaS vendors and the venture capitalists who back them, the announcement confirms that enterprise adoption of PaaS is here to stay. Today, PaaS is considered a best […]