Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley is a senior writer at SiliconANGLE covering Startups, Bitcoin, and the Internet of Things.

Duncan is a co-founder of VC funded media company B5Media and founder of news site The Inquisitr, and was a senior writer at TechCrunch in its earlier days.

Tips? Press releases? Intersting startup? email: duncan@nichenet.com.au or contact Duncan on Twitter @duncanriley

Latest from Duncan Riley

Swatch to sell smart watch that magically never needs to be charged

Swiss watch maker Swatch Group Ltd. has announced that it plans to take on Apple in the smart watch space with its own smart watch. The details of the offering are vague at best, with the company telling Bloomberg that the device will offer Near Field Communications (NFC) support, will allow users to make mobile payments, […]

Twitter Q4 financials: revenue hits record high $479 million, but service is losing users

Twitter Inc. posted record high revenue numbers in the fourth quarter of 2014 of the back off increasing ad sales, however user number growth not only slowed, but contracted. For Q4 Twitter posted revenue of $479 million, up 97 percent of the same quarter in 2013, however it saw a net loss of $125 million and non-GAAP […]

Microsoft said to have acquired calendar app maker Sunrise for $100 million

Microsoft is said to have acquired Sunrise Atelier Inc., the maker of the Sunrise calendar application for around $100 million. Sunrise offers a suite of calendar products for both mobile and desktop users that connects with and syncs to calendars from Google, iCloud, and Microsoft Exchange, offering an all-in-one hub solution on top of its core calendar offering. The […]

Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht faces life in prison after being found guilty on all charges

Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht is facing life in prison after being found guilty on all seven charges relating to his establishment, and running of the notorious darknet marketplace. Known online as “Dread Pirate Roberts,” Ulbricht was arrested in October 2013 on charges including conspiring to commit narcotics trafficking, conspiring to commit computer hacking and conspiring to […]

#uberkittens: Uber offers kitten delivery service in Australia for the first time

Uber Inc. has upped the ante in the ridesharing space by offering its Uber Kittens service in Australia for the first time. Uber Kittens, as the name may suggest, allows Uber users to have kittens delivered to their home or workplace for 15 minutes of play time for AU$40 ($31.14.) Available between 12pm to 4pm Thursday […]

You can now use Bitcoin to pay for marijuana from vending machines in Seattle

When some think of Bitcoin the first things that may come to mind are Silk Road and the illegal trade of drugs on the darknet. Sure, readers of SiliconANGLE will know that the perception doesn’t fit reality, but what if you could legally buy drugs using Bitcoin from a vending machine? Meet the ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine from […]

Cryptocurrency startup NeuCoin raises $2.25 million seed round

Cryptocurrency startup NeuCoin has raised a $2.25 million seed round from 20 individual investors including King Digital Entertainment plc co-founder Patrik Stymne, Uber Inc. SVP Emil Michael and Hotwire Inc. president Henrik Kjellberg. Set to launch in March, NeuCoin is offering an micropayment focused altcoin that that will be “easy to use and well marketed,” which the […]

Twitter starts selling ads on third party sites, begins with Flipboard, Yahoo! Japan

Twitter Inc. has taken a step outside its native tweet stream with news today that the company has started selling advertising on third party sites. The initial launch will see Promoted Tweets appear on sites and apps owned by Flipboard Inc. and Yahoo! Japan, with Twitter hinting that this is just the beginning of a move […]

Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others paying Adblock Plus to show their ads

Eyeo GmbH’s popular Adblock Plus program is in the news today for all the wrong reasons: the company is taking money from advertisers to let their ads be seen by Adblock Plus users. A report from the Financial Times claims that Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others have been paying money to the company to whitelist […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 to launch March 1st, may have curved screen

Samsung Co. Ltd.’s new flagship phone the Galaxy S6 will be launched March 1st, with the company sending out invitations to a press event in Barcelona. The invite includes a curved screen, hinting that Samsung could be possibly using a form factor it has previously used for the Samsung Note Edge. As we reported in December, the […]