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David Vellante is co-CEO of SiliconANGLE Media, as well as co-founder and Chief Analyst of The Wikibon Project, the world’s leading open source IT research community. Dave is a long-time tech industry analyst, entrepreneur, writer and speaker. He is co-host of theCUBE – “The ESPN of Tech.” He is also a co-founder of Crowdspots, an angel funded startup based in Palo Alto using big data techniques to extract business value from social data. Prior to these exploits Dave ran a CIO consultancy and spent a decade growing and managing IDC’s largest business unit. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and four children where he serves as the President of his town’s local “Kiddie Sports” association. Dave holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Union College.

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Breaking Analysis: Amazon’s Glacier is the Titanic of Deep Archives for Corporate CIOs

Beware the Pitfalls of the Glacial Mass[/caption] Amazon’s Glacier is a new service for infrequently accessed data. It is very inexpensive to load data into Glacier and park it there indefinitely but CIOs should use extreme caution before placing their enterprise archives in Glacier. Getting data out of Glacier could be exceedingly expensive. More importantly, […]

Breaking Analysis: EMC Lenovo Deal Expands TAM and Sheds Slow Growth Asset

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Chinese (and Arabic) proverb EMC’s announcement that it struck an OEM deal with Lenovo, and will be forming a JV with the Chinese PC maker, signals the next chapter in EMC’s expansion into server markets generally and China specifically.  Joe Tucci was in Beijing earlier this morning […]

Breaking Analysis: NetApp Teams with Fusion-io to Compress Time to Market but the Bigger Story is Fusion-io’s Grand Vision To Rule the Storage Stack

NetApp today announced a deal with Fusion-io. Industry news coverage has called this announcement a “mystery,” citing excerpts from the press release as follows: “… working closely with storage industry leader NetApp to provide solutions using server-side flash and caching software products when used in conjunction with the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier. The two companies […]

Wikibon Survey Shows 2012 Really is the Year of Cloud

We’re live at EMC World with #theCube and I’ve been squinting through the recent Wikibon IT Transformation Survey results. Data is still trickling in but we had over 200 Wikibon members take the survey which was designed to get a read on the maturity of customers’ IT transformation initiatives. We’ll be reporting full results but […]

Getting Pumped for Oracle OpenWorld 2011

I’m in San Francisco prepping for the Cube’s second annual broadcast at Oracle OpenWorld. While the world is kind of dissing Ellison’s Sunday keynote, it’s important to remember that Larry usually saves his best for the mid-week slam of the competition. If you can put up with the mega (or should I say Exa-) marketing […]

Ten Realities for IT Service Organizations

There are several infrastructure-related trends we’re watching here at Wikibon that will have direct impacts on IT organizations and service delivery over the next five years. Specifically:   #1 The consumerization of IT. CEOs have come to realize that for many organizations, IT in the home is “better” than IT at work. This mindset is […]

Nasuni ‘Pivot’ Underscores a Failed Cloud Services Model

I was just reading an email blast from Jason Calcanis entitled “How Much Money Should a Startup Have in the Bank? Calcanis runs Mahalo, a startup that was focused on human powered search until it realized how hard it was going to be to move the needle against Google – so it became a provider […]

Cloud Services M&A: Condensation Forming

There has been a spate of acquisitions in the cloud space, as companies are trying to fill holes in their service offerings. Recently we’ve seen NaviSite snatched up by Time Warner, CenturyLink buy Savvis, and OpSource go to DimensionData (owned by NTT). And then this week we saw Citrix fork over anywhere from $250M to […]

The Services Angle on VMware’s Cloud Infrastructure Suite

Three years ago, VMware CEO Paul Maritz announced his intention to build what he called a “Software Mainframe.” What did that mean? It meant that VMware engineers (2,000 of them) were going to build a software platform that was: 1) highly scalable and capable of supporting virtually any application and workload; 2) reliable – i.e. […]

Technology Services: A Market in Transition

A Market Primer: How Cloud Computing, the Rise of India and the Consumerization of IT are Changing the IT Services Business The market for technology services is changing dramatically, driven by macro forces of cloud computing, virtualization, mobility and data growth. In addition there are ten major trends impacting services organizations, including:   The shift […]