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David Vellante is co-CEO of SiliconANGLE Media, as well as co-founder and Chief Analyst of The Wikibon Project, the world’s leading open source IT research community. Dave is a long-time tech industry analyst, entrepreneur, writer and speaker. He is co-host of theCUBE – “The ESPN of Tech.” He is also a co-founder of Crowdspots, an angel funded startup based in Palo Alto using big data techniques to extract business value from social data. Prior to these exploits Dave ran a CIO consultancy and spent a decade growing and managing IDC’s largest business unit. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and four children where he serves as the President of his town’s local “Kiddie Sports” association. Dave holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Union College.

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Google Brain Drain Continues: Nirvanix Lands a New CTO

Paul Froutan, the former head of global data center infrastructure at Google has joined cloud storage provider Nirvanix as its new CTO. Froutan, who resides in Houston, TX, spent four years at Google and was responsible for five of Google’s data centers, which reportedly cost around $500M each to build. According to sources familiar with […]

NetApp CEO Tom Georgens has a Plan to Outpace EMC: Can the Momentum Continue?

Tom Georgens is one of the leading execs in the storage industry. As the CEO of NetApp and former executive at Engenio and EMC he has a deep perspective on the storage business. My partner John Furrier and I interviewed Tom on The Cube last year at VMworld 2010 where he proved to be one […]

Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud…What’s in a Name?

As it turns out, a lot. Recently, a growing number of suppliers have begun talking about hybrid clouds. The idea is that you can get the best of both cloud worlds. That is, the security, reliability and control of an on-premise solution while at the same time tapping the elasticity of the public cloud. EMC […]

Parting of the Clouds

Back in 2007, Wikibon warned its members to read the fine print in cloud SLAs. At the time we were discussing Google’s terms with enterprise customers when we stated: Google’s SLA terms do leave lots of wiggle room for the consumer giant such as: ▪    Promising penalties for downtime based on user error rates exceeding […]

Cloud Storage: Separating the Contenders from the Pretenders

Since 2006, when Amazon introduced its Simple Storage Service (S3), organizations concerned about security and service levels have been eagerly waiting for a viable marketplace of storage services to emerge. The industry lately has been doing sort of a replay of 1998-2001 when storage service providers were all the rage. Those who are old enough […]

NetApp’s Engenio Acquisition: A $2B Windfall for Investors

When NetApp bought LSI’s Engenio division, many questioned the merits of the move. After all, NetApp is the poster child for unified storage and has built a multi-billion dollar business around WAFL, the Write Anywhere File Layout. NetApp’s entire storage portfolio revolves around WAFL and ONTAP, its core operating system and this has allowed the company to […]

Customer Care in the Era of Big Data

How may I, in all servitude, be of assistance? A good friend of mine shared this story with me recently. It has major relevance to the big data trend that we’ve been covering and in particular the concept that we’re moving from e-Business to a world of “me-Business.” Here’s my friend’s story, written in the […]

The Hunt for Cloud Storage – Who’s Got Game?

Amazon AWS is a Slam Dunk There’s a battle going on between CEOs and their IT organizations. The CEO is saying “hey – I go home on the weekends, my kids are on Facebook storing pictures and videos for free, Gmail is always on, this new Web stuff is cheap and simple, I can get […]

Ten “Big Data” Realities and What They Mean to You

There’s been plenty of talk about big data lately and it’s finally spilling into the world of infrastructure. I’m not surprised. But there’s a lot of confusion and many frustrating misconceptions. I understand. It’s a confusing topic – especially to us infrastructure people. We like to simplify things. Big data = big iron, big RDBMS, […]

Cloud, Big Data and Cash: Why EMC is Still Undervalued

Is EMC the Next Big IT Whale? EMC is a thirty year old company that essentially created the storage systems business as we know it today. The company began with humble roots selling memory for minicomputers. Through many failures, perseverance, vision and a take-no-prisoners culture, the company evolved into a storage industry powerhouse in the […]