Ed Boyajian

Ed Boyajian is president and CEO of EnterpriseDB, which provides enterprise-class PostgreSQL products and services to help IT organizations succeed with the world's most advanced open source database.

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Oracle’s fighting a fool’s war in the DoD

Most of the government may have been out on furlough for several weeks last month but we know the technology pros at the Department of Defense were still in business mode. Many of the agencies within the DoD are customers, and they were abuzz about Oracle’s mystifying but not uncharacteristic attempt to undermine the DoD’s […]

How Much is Government Overpaying for Software While Valuable People Get Pay Cuts?

I have colleagues who are just days away from getting a monumental pay cut and not because of anything they have done wrong. These are people I respect, people who work very hard for a living. They are talented, educated and dedicated professionals who have chosen the public sector and many are about to get […]

PostgreSQL Reaches a Database ‘Tipping Point’

The growing demand for Postgres talent at the biggest brands, including the recent and highly visible move by Salesforce.com to add dozens of Postgres experts in the next year, shows PostgreSQL has reached a tipping point. As author Malcolm Gladwell famously defined it, this is the moment of critical mass: The moment of widespread recognition, […]