Eric David

Eric David

Eric David is a staff writer for SiliconANGLE, covering the latest trends in social media and gaming. He is an avid gamer and enjoys writing about innovations in the video game industry and gaming culture in general. Eric graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, receiving major honors for his thesis "A Culture of Heresy: Explaining the Resiliency of Catharism and the Church's Response," which is every bit as exciting as it sounds. Eric lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, dog and gaming PC.

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Facebook wants to block clickbait with this one weird trick

Social media platforms have become a haven for clickbait titles, which try to trick users into following a link with vague descriptions such as “When She Looked Under Her Couch Cushions And Saw THIS … ” Facebook Inc. says it wants to put a stop to clickbait for good, so today the social network announced a […]

Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike raises $100M amid renewed security fears

The recent WannaCry ransomware attacks have reminded businesses that cybersecurity is more important than ever, which is good news for security providers such as CrowdStrike Inc., which today announced that it has raised a large $100 million Series D funding round. The round was led by Accel, and it included existing investors CapitalG and Warburg Pincus, […]

Qualcomm sues Apple’s suppliers for withholding $1B in royalties

Qualcomm Inc. announced today that it has filed a breach of contract complaint against some of Apple Inc.’s top suppliers, which have withheld $1 billion in royalties that Qualcomm says it is owed. The suppliers include Foxconn Technology, Pegatron Corp., Wistron Corp. and Compal Electronics Inc, which together are responsible for the manufacture of all iPhones and iPads worldwide. The […]

Google DeepMind given ‘inappropriate’ access to UK health records

DeepMind Technologies Inc. has become one of the best known names in artificial intelligence research thanks partly to its work with AlphaGo, but the Google Inc.-owned AI company may be in some trouble in the United Kingdom. The U.K.’s National Data Guardian, which is in charge of protecting citizens’ confidential health information, has issued a letter revealed Monday saying […]

Zenimax sues Samsung for ‘stolen’ tech in Gear VR

Three months after Zenimax Media LLC won a $500 million judgment against Facebook Inc.’s Oculus for copyright infringement, the game publisher now has set its sights on Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung teamed up with Oculus for the development of Samsung Gear VR, leading Zenimax to filed a lawsuit Friday claiming that Samsung’s mobile VR device uses […]

Western Digital files for arbitration to block sale of Toshiba’s chip business

Computer data storage company Western Digital Corp. is moving forward with its attempt to block Toshiba Corp. from selling off its valuable semiconductor business, which the Japanese tech giant wants to do as soon as possible for a much-needed injection of cash. Western Digital announced today that it has filed for arbitration with the International Chamber of Commerce […]

‘This is huge’: Massive ransomware attack sweeps across UK, Europe and beyond

A string of ransomware attacks has compromised multiple organizations worldwide, including a number of hospitals in the United Kingdom, Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica S.A. and others. The U.K.’s National Health Service has confirmed that up to 25 NHS organizations have been compromised by the ransomware, which is holding important files hostage and demanding that authorities pay the […]

Snap shares plummet after disappointing first post-IPO earnings report

Just over two months ago, Snapchat maker Snap Inc. became the largest tech initial public offering since 2014, hitting the market at a valuation of more than $24 billion. So the company had a lot to prove with the release of its first earnings report today. Unfortunately for investors, it fell well short. The messaging […]

Facebook says its translation AI is nine times faster than the competition

As Facebook Inc. quickly approaches 2 billion monthly active users, the social network has become home to just about every major language on the planet, which is one reason that the company has been investing heavily in machine translation research. Facebook revealed Tuesday that it has been working on its own neural machine translation program, and the company […]

Austrian court orders Facebook to delete hate speech and fake news

Facebook Inc. must completely delete posts that could be considered hate speech rather than simply blocking or hiding them from certain regions, an Austrian court has ruled. Austria’s Green Party filed the case against Facebook in response to a number of derogatory posts made against party leader Eva Glawischnig. The posts, which were made by a user under a fake name, […]