Gabriel Pesek

Gabriel Pesek

Gabriel Pesek is a writer for SiliconANGLE Media's roving news desk team theCUBE, covering events and developments in the tech world.Repeated stints as a publication editor in high school, a focus on international language studies in college, and a self-published examination of H.P. Lovecraft's fiction have left him with a deep appreciation of new communications developments.An enthusiastic fan of music, Pesek is a long-time album reviewer for The Burning Beard, which has led to contact with up-and-coming bands around the world, while also maintaining daily reviews of albums from his personal collection.Raised in south Texas, he currently lives in north Louisiana.

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Key partnerships expand data democratization for IBM and Indiegogo

As various online services provide broader access to users in fields such as video, content creation, guides and start-up capital, the ends to which users are utilizing those means are sparking innovation. As for the companies that provide those services, like Indiegogo Inc., things are proving to be more than a one-way street. “The idea of […]

How companies are taking aim at ever-changing datasets

As big data expands its applicability to more business efficiencies, the dialogues between connected devices are generating their own developments and studies, though the highly automated nature of their processes creates a high volume of filler for analysis. In the work of human-guided analysis, “there’s a balance between how much really is special and how […]

Is big data truly transforming, or is history repeating itself?

While the exploration of possibilities enabled by the continuing sophistication of tools for handling big data has some seeing brave new worlds on the horizon, other analysts and developers are perceiving it as yet another case of history repeating itself. “As smart as humans are, trends repeat themselves,” said Abhishek Mehta (pictured), chief executive officer […]

Bridging legacy and next-gen systems in the big data age

As the methods for collecting, organizing and analyzing colossal amounts of business data continue to diversify, some of the former champions of the big data world have found their glory fading, while fresh challengers are quickly rising in prominence. “I think the industry’s moved past this concept of ‘I’ve invested in Hadoop and I don’t […]

Serving customer needs in the evolving business intelligence realm

As data management and analysis continues to mature in the context of utilization by businesses other than those primarily focused on technology, business intelligence tools are becoming more common-place, and enterprises are consequently looking to find the most flexible toolsets to meet their needs. “If you’re trying to sell a full stack that’s integrated … […]

Improving employee dynamics to raise the bottom line

As the average level of tech savviness among consumers grows, businesses are finding a need to adjust their strategies to match. But those changes aren’t simply on the sales front; they’re also taking place in the organization and interactions within the companies, as those enterprises look to make themselves the best fit for their customers. […]

Fitting the fundamental changes of 5G to enterprise needs

As telecommunications and other networking-focused companies look to 5G as an imminent shift in the nature of wireless technology, a bounty of ideas for how to best put it to work can be drawn just from studying previous generations. “In the network today … it’s much softer and flexible. It moves away from a single-purpose built […]

Cracking the tough nut of high-speed data management

As the methods for processing big data continue to improve, pushed on by competition between the many businesses making use of information, some long-standing fundamentals are beginning to lose their certainty, such as the need to wait for that data to be firmly in the databanks before analysis begins, according to Guy Churchward (pictured, right), president […]

The structural challenges of bringing the 5G revolution to life

As the Internet of Things finds monetizable opportunities in the business world, pushing wireless connectivity beyond the limits of 4G is poised to be the next big step in accelerating device communication and overall functionality. “5G is fundamentally different, because it brings together the computing and communication paradigms,” said Sandra Rivera (pictured, right), vice president and general […]

How the cloud is actually making cybersecurity better, not worse

As cyberattacks continue to evolve and adapt to the efforts of cybersecurity teams, the possibility of full defense seems unattainable. But to some security experts, recognizing that fact and then building your strategy to handle the inevitable successful attack is the best way to go. “That’s sort of the name of the game: Make it harder […]