Gabriel Pesek

Gabriel Pesek

Gabriel Pesek is a writer for SiliconANGLE Media's roving news desk team theCUBE, covering events and developments in the tech world.Repeated stints as a publication editor in high school, a focus on international language studies in college, and a self-published examination of H.P. Lovecraft's fiction have left him with a deep appreciation of new communications developments.An enthusiastic fan of music, Pesek is a long-time album reviewer for The Burning Beard, which has led to contact with up-and-coming bands around the world, while also maintaining daily reviews of albums from his personal collection.Raised in south Texas, he currently lives in north Louisiana.

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Real-time wire intelligence for tomorrow’s networks

With the data revolution pushing more and more volume onto networks of all kinds, the need to monitor those networks as the data comes in is critical to guard against cyberattacks. “If you can engage in some ad-hoc network intelligence … that makes your agility to deal with today’s threats really much more effective,” said […]

The evolution of machine learning: fusing human thought with algorithmic insights | #IBMML

As machine learning becomes more accessible through avenues such as Intel Corp.’s BigDL and IBM Corp. opening Watson’s core machine learning components up to businesses, some developers and industry insiders are cautioning against getting too dazzled by the potential without considering the human role. However much data those programs can process, in the end, “what […]

Ransomware attacks start to mutate: Meet ‘ranscam’

As the advancement of the Internet of Things exposes attack points for cyber threats and hackers adapt to the new cloud environments, cyber security is finding that it needs to be proactive in creating safer operational spaces for the enterprise. One of the best ways to accomplish that is through establishing advance threat protection that is […]

Grasping the business applications of machine learning | #IBMML

With IBM Corp.’s opening of Watson’s core machine learning component to businesses, a quick understanding of what that enables for savvy enterprises will be key to prompt capitalization. One of the easiest ways to approach it is to think of the new private cloud option “more as branding, and Watson is a bigger solution set,” […]

Data processing simplification: ‘Real-time’ is not just a moniker anymore | #SparkSummit

As data processing at the edge of the network gets pushed higher in priority by the rise of the Internet of Things, improved data computation and transfer speed are becoming essential operations, according to Manish Gupta (pictured), chief marketing officer of Redis Labs Inc. “There is a need for faster processing. There is a need for faster insights. […]

Intel’s BigDL aims to bring deep learning to the masses | #SparkSummit

With Intel Corp.’s efforts to get involved in practically every aspect of modern technology, from the hardware base up through the software that’s run on it, the natural move to stay competitive these days is to expand into deep learning and big data. Yet as Intel has found, the need for converging systems becomes increasingly clear every day, according to Ziya […]

Spark helps transform legacy banking systems into data powerhouses | #SparkSummit

As the awareness and presence of data continues rising across all sorts of businesses, banks are finding more in their vaults than physical currency. But for many organizations, bringing their systems up to speed for processing the vast quantities of transaction and interaction data at their disposal is forming a hurdle too high to overcome on […]

Far from dead, privacy is alive and well in the era of big data | #WomenInTech

Sun Microsystems Inc. Chief Executive Scott McNealy’s infamous statement in 1999, “You have zero privacy … Get over it,” has long been a go-to quote for those highlighting the dangers of technology’s potential to intrude on personal lives in unintended ways. But for privacy advocates, developers and others working to define and design the interactions between technologies […]

The rise of machine learning: Will the human factor be pushed out of data science? | #WiDS2017

With the rise of machine learning, concerns are being voiced about the future involvement of humans in jobs that computers can handle. But at the same time, alternative views are being offered on ways in which the human element will influence the direction of data science, with passion playing a large role in that survival. […]

Moving mountains of data: Can humans learn from the failures of new technologies? | #WiDS2017

As machine learning advances, some voices in the data industry are drawing attention to the potential negative effects underlying the application of these sciences, particularly in regard to forcing humans out of jobs given to machines. But others, such as Janet George (pictured), fellow and chief data officer/scientist/big data/cognitive computing at WD, a Western Digital Co., […]