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IBM Studies its Own Hadoop Distro, Hopes to Keep Innovation Alive [Exclusive Video]

Dave Vellante had the opportunity to speak with Inhi Cho Suh, VP of Product Management, IM SW at IBM, at IBM Flash 2013 to talk about big data analytics supporting Flash (full video below).  Suh says that IBM’s investing more than $1 billion for research and development, acquisitions and storage, with the hope of allowing […]

OpenStack DevOps Roundup: Developers Breathing Life into the Cloud

Dan Woods is CTO and editor of CITO Research, a firm that focuses on technology leadership in Forbes article, “Why OpenStack will Become the First Open DevOps Project,” he takes a look at the OpenStack Cloud Software and how it’s going to change the game by being more than just an open source software project.  Typically, […]

How Connected Devices will Drive Hyperscale Tech in the Datacenter

Five years ago the average person had a cell phone that took photos, and might have had access to the Internet that was paid for on a MB system.  Then the iPhone was introduced and society was altered forever.  In the years since the introduction of the iPhone technology has crept its way into nearly […]

Top 5 Jobs in Healthcare IT for 2013

Finding gainful employment for the job seeker has been difficult over the last several years.  A change in government leadership has not helped, and there is a perpetual cloud of uncertainty as job seekers fall out of the search for jobs, and those who do find jobs often taking extreme pay cuts in order to […]

4 Apps for Visualizing Data on Salesforce

Salesforce is arguably the leader of the enterprise cloud computing market, with social and mobile cloud technology that connects customers, partners and employees all in the cloud featuring low cost, low risk and fast results.  Since 1999 the company has slowly grown into its own, starting in a small San Francisco apartment to being named […]

Intel, No Longer Inside

It seems Intel has always been the leader; when purchasing a new home computer, buyers looked for the “Intel Inside” sticker, other processors considered substandard compared to the power of Intel. “Intel Inside” was a brilliant marketing program that, for generations of computers, lured buyers away from cheaper options.  Now, it’s Intel’s very own strength that […]

How Will Dell Take its New Marketing Message to the Next Level?

John Furrier and Dave Vellante were together again at DellWorld 2012 this time sitting down with Karen Quintos, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Dell to discuss marketing strategies and the changes that have taken place over the last several years (full video below). Furrier says that, as a company, Dell is exploding […]

Dell’s Steps To a Smarter, More Powerful 10 Gig Server Solution

Stu Miniman, Senior Analyst of Wikibon is the host for this episode of theCube where the topic for this segment at DellWorld is the evolution of Ethernet, and the latest generation of servers.  Joined by Brian Payne from Dell’s Sever Division, and Greg Scherer who is the VP of Server and Storage Strategy at Broadcom […]

How HP is Redefining Storage: Looking to Past Innovations

John Furrier and Dave Vellante interview Jim Ganthier at HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany closing out the second half of HP Discover 2012, which began in Las Vegas several weeks ago (full video below).  Jim Ganthier dives right in to the conversation when Vellante points out that many people are very bullish about HP, […]

Warp Speed is Key to a Successful Cloud Offering

John Furrier sat down with Saar Gillai, who is the Senior VP and Senior Manager at Converged Cloud at HP Discover 2012 last week in Frankfurt, Germany (full video below). The important thing about the cloud is hyper delivery.  Gillai points out that there is no one size fits all cloud solution that everyone would […]