James Kobielus

James Kobielus

James Kobielus is Wikibon's lead analyst for data science, deep learning and application development. Previously, Jim was IBM Corp.'s data science evangelist. He managed IBM's thought leadership, social and influencer marketing programs targeted at developers of big data analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing applications. Prior to his five-year stint at IBM, Jim was an analyst at Forrester Research, Current Analysis and the Burton Group. He is also a prolific blogger, a popular speaker and a familiar face from his many appearances as an expert on theCUBE and at industry events.

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At Build, Microsoft delivers AI to mainstream software developers

Microsoft Corp. put the convergence of artificial intelligence and cloud at the center of this year’s Build, its annual conference for software developers. As emphasized in keynotes, breakouts, and demonstrations on the expo floor in Seattle, Microsoft’s goal is to “bring artificial intelligence to every developer.” Microsoft’s strategic direction aligns with Wikibon’s recent observation that data […]

Get ready for application modernization, Docker style

Containerization is eating software everywhere. Containers — simple, portable wrappers for applications — today are driving change in all major technology platforms, from the data center to the cloud to the Internet of Things. As both a beneficiary and catalyst of this trend, the Docker ecosystem continues to expand the range of platforms on which […]

Optimizing your application architecture at the ‘federated edge’

Optimizing applications for the sprawl we call the Internet of Things is a daunting challenge. To craft high-performance IoT apps, developers need a federated environment that distributes algorithmic capabilities for execution at IoT network endpoints, also known as “edge devices.” Federation is essential because many IoT edge devices — such as mobile phones — lack […]

Application decay and the burden of data-driven algorithm training

Application developers like to think that they produce gems. Many do, but their handiwork is not immune to the ravages of obsolescence. Application fitness is fragile. Like any eroding asset, applications must often be maintained in order to stay fit for their intended purpose. Application decay is the process under which the fitness of some […]