Josette Rigsby

Josette Rigsby has almost 20 years of experience in information technology in roles from developer to executive. She earned a bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on information systems and economics. She is also a certified enterprise architect, but has loved tech since she wrote her first line of code. As a regular contributor to Silicon Angle, she focuses on big data, cloud computing and enterprise technology trends. You can find her on Twitter as @techielicous. If you have a news tip or a story idea, please send queries via Twitter @SiliconAngle.

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Wikibon Peer Incite Takes a Deep Dive Into Real-Time Big Data Processing

This week the Wikibon community sat down with Dag Liodden, Co-Founder and CTO of Tapad, a two-year old company that provides cross-platform digital advertising technology, to discuss the challenges and opportunities for real-time analytics and decision making with big data. The session began with an explanation of Tapad’s solution, which processes around 150,000 ad impressions […]

New Skype Security Flaw Causes Password Fire Drill

Skype is making news again. In October, a trojan was burning a path through Skype users. Now, a new security issue has surfaced that allows attackers to change a user’s password in just five steps with the victim’s account name and email address. Details about the security flaw were actually posted on a Russian hacker […]

Topic of the Month: Data Infrastructure

Last month in Services Angle, we focused on mobility. We explored topics from challenges to emerging trends and impacts that effect organizations that embrace mobile technology. This month, we will take a look at another topic that is quickly becoming an enterprise imperative – data infrastructure. The amount of data we create is growing exponentially. […]

Is Mobility Really Making the Enterprise More Productive?

The use of mobile devices in the workplace is becoming increasingly common. Employees appreciate the flexibility and convenience mobility offers; employers enjoy increased accessibility to workers. A growing list of studies show business leaders believe mobile adoption is driving higher levels of employee responsiveness and productivity, and according to a recent study by eMarketer, the potential benefits […]

Five Things You Must Consider About Enterprise Mobility

Mobile is making big inroads in the enterprise and blurring the lines between business and personal. Employees accustomed to anytime, anywhere access in their personal lives, are bringing the same expectations to the office. They want convenient access to information, whether they are are at a desk or in a checkout line at a big box […]

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) All Hype or Here to Stay?

There seems to be an almost constant stream of innovation related to cloud computing and mobile technology. Some are little more than vendors’ and analysts’ conjecture, while others quickly demonstrate their staying power with rapid industry adoption, growing numbers of vendors and influxes of capital. It is unclear if mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS / Mobile BaaS) […]

Five Tips for Hiring Candidates with Mobile Skills

It’s no secret that mobile technology is dramatically impacting the enterprise. Mobility promises increased efficiency and productivity, higher employee satisfaction, less paperwork and according to some studies, higher revenues. However, these benefits are not free or automatic. Mobile adoption in the enterprise requires an investment of time, effort, money and perhaps most importantly – people. […]

Is Your Infrastructure Ready to Go Mobile?

According to The International Telecommunication Union, there were six billion mobile subscriptions at the end of 2011 – enough subscriptions for 87 percent of the earth’s population to have cell service. The Associated Press reported on Feb 9, 2011, for the first time ever, smartphones out sold PCs. Morgan Stanley asserts that this year, over […]

Evaluating Mobile Support in Enterprise Social Platforms: They’re Not All the Same

Social adoption is growing rapidly in the enterprise. Employees seek the same effortless anytime  any place collaboration in the office that they enjoy with friends on popular social networks, and that requires mobile access. Support for mobile has become almost a necessity in public social networks. It is also quickly becoming a must have feature for enterprise social. […]

The Rise of Mobile Enterprise Management

As mobile adoption expands in the enterprise, companies are increasingly investing in mobile application management (MAM) platforms to control which applications are users install on devices and mobile device management (MDM) to manage mobile environments more holistically. Vendors are rushing to the market to offer new products and products for mobile management, but according to […]