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Cloud Security, In Dollars, Ron Paul, Coming Transparency

@GeorgeReese did something pretty cool today. He dared to ask how much a traditional security approaches were really worth vs. a cloud based approach. Yes, the discussion was short on heavy details–but it put a very pointed dollar sign bullseye on the most cited hesitation about cloud adoption over the last two years. His simple […]

Scalr’s Stadil on Amazon’s New Relational Database Service

Earlier this week, Amazon Web Services announced the RDS, the Relational Database Service. From ProgrammableWeb’s writeup: Like previous data services from Amazon such asSimpleDB, RDS is relational (our profiles for the SimpleDB API and new RDS API). In fact, it’s a MySQL 5.1 instance but the main difference is that it is hosted on a […]

The Cloud Isn’t a Mainframe. Seriously.

Warning: the following is a good-spirited rant. The “return to the mainframe model” analogy for cloud computing is utterly simplistic in its thinking- it makes for a nice “big animal picture” for the masses, and makes veteran IT professionals feel like they’ve seen this all before. In reality, the analogy makes us dumber about how […]

Why Virtual Data Centers Alone Aren’t Real Clouds

“Datagarden’s CEO just told me, in public, that a cloud is a nothing more then a virtualized Data Center. No API required.” Systems management centric thinkers do not get the cloud – and by current measures may never get it. I implore you, why? Systems management software is generally founded on managing a highly variable, […]

What if Microsoft and Danger #Cloudfail turns out to be a #SANfail?

[Editor’s Note: Originally from the editorial backchannel (see original). –mrh] Chris Ziegler at Engadget posted late yesterday that: “Alleged details on the events leading up to Danger’s doomsday scenario are starting to come out of the woodwork, and it all paints a truly embarrassing picture: Microsoft, possibly trying to compensate for lost and / or […]

SALabs’ October Silicon Valley Cloud Club Report [Part 1]

[Editor’s Note: Our San Francisco Cloud Club (in partnership with the Silicon Valley one) meeting that took place Monday was a rousing success, with a pretty impressive turnout for our first meeting. James Watters and Rich Miller both took extensive notations of the event. James Watters you probably know as our Managing Director of Cloud […]

The Curious Case of Impulse Computing

There is a lot of passion around defining cloud computing, and frankly a lot of traditional enterprise vendors are playing defense. In chess they would call it a quiet defense, moving pieces into positions where they can defend dynamically if called upon.If AWS cloud infrastructure as a service is going to replace their customer’s current […]

Cloud Collision: Larry Ellison is right, but wrong, about the cloud.

This just in—Larry doesn’t get the cloud and doesn’t want to.  Instead he is pushing Oracle to plow money into new features amidst a process innovation era. He does get invited to headline Churchhill Club events with the likes of Ed Zander as the conversational curator, but this is exactly why he doesn’t get it. […]

Cloud Collision: Dominant Designs To Process Innovations

Things don’t always progress as expected in life. Sometime you join a cool technology field only to find yourself in the middle of a process heavy revolution, with its strongest roots in a new operational model and cultural change. The Cloud computing world is frankly pretty starved of hot new technologies – sure, there are […]

Rackspace Launches Cloud Tools: Can They Grow Their Own Long Tail?

Their choice not to follow the EC2/AWS API was an interesting one. At first blush I’d imagine them doing a like-like on features and interfaces to Amazon and winning hearts and minds on enterprise quality service (Amazon has 0 brand there). This would allow them to instantaneously siphon off anyone built on top of the Amazon API with some minimal tweaks.