Kathryn Buford

Kathryn Buford is a PhD student in sociology whose research explores digital communities across the African diaspora, social entrepreneurship and the arts. Kathryn's work has been featured in various online publications as well as the online magazine for Live Unchained (www.liveunchained.com), which features innovative arts, media and events across the world. Contact her at kathryn@siliconangle.com and follow her on Twitter (@yeskathryn) for takes on creativity, technology, entrepreneurship and society.

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From dirty data to healthy companies: SiSense CEO shares the surprising benefit and bottom line of Big Data

Big Data analytics skeptics like analyst Rob Enderle suggest that companies too often choose a Big Data strategy simply because the competition does the same. “The sad reality is that most firms selling and buying are focused on the technology, not the problem,” he says. “If you don’t understand the problem that you are trying to […]

Essential CDO traits: Surprising skills for success

Even with great minds, diligent teams and hefty budgets, Big Data had stumped the c-suite. While CTOs and CMOs are continuing to work closely together, even together, they lack the particular expertise to analyze and draw the most profit maximizing, cost-cutting insights from data. The Chief Data Officer is an evolving position combining business savvy […]

New Alpine Chorus 4.0 simplifies analytics, boosts ROI

Today Alpine unveiled Alpine Chorus 4.0, with claims to be the first platform enabling access to all enterprise data, which Alpine Data Labs CMO, Bruno Aziza, explains is no small feat. Other noteworthy Alpine Chorus 4.0 advantages include bi-directional integration between Hadoop and all major data platforms and compatibility with Spark and Cloudera 5. Alpine […]

The new renaissance Intel and innovative companies support [VIDEO]

What will Intel and the next great paradigm-shifting social media platform have in common? They will both recognize that we are in the midst of a renaissance and  capitalize on it’s growth. So, what exactly is this renaissance and why should tech athletes care? According to Patricia Martin, author of “Ren Gen: The Rise of […]

Fastweb prepares for innovation at IBM Edge| #IBMEdge

Alessandro Perrino and Matteo Frareo Barutti of Fastweb join Dave Vellante in theCUBE. In his ongoing coverage of this year’s Las Vegas Conference, Vellante inquires about Fastweb’s operations. Fastweb is a Fiber Optic Service Operator based in Milan, Italy to residential and enterprise customers. It’s core offerings are Internet Solutions, Telecommunications and Cloud. Fastweb is […]

How cost-effective IT helps to fight cancer | #IBMEdge

In their ongoing coverage of IBM Edge 2014, Dave Vellante and Jeff Frick speak with Tahir Ali, Director of Enterprise Technology for City of Hope National Medical Center. While the gamut of experts, technologists and business leaders, join theCUBE, Vellante says the customers are the only ones who can truly gauge the effectiveness of a […]

What #NotYourAsianSidekick Meant to Twitter

Twitter will stay cool and relevant, not only because of the influencers who make snarky, witty tweets that make us laugh, but, also because of the campaigns that have larger political goals. These progressive users represent the cool that money can’t buy. This is the cool that Asian American feminists harnessed to capture the attention […]

When a growth hack is not enough: Rana Florida explains the ultimate “Upgrade” #CultureBYTE

It’s not surprising that “growth hack” has become a popular buzz phrase for techies. Created by technology startups to drive rapid growth through cost-effective marketing, growth hacking may drive a quick and significant rise in users and revenue. Who wouldn’t want more money and recognition, fast and abundantly? Rana Florida, is the CEO of Creative Class […]

Why you can’t manage your way to a better bottom line: Simon Sinek discusses “Leaders Eat Last” [Video] #CultureBYTE

Successful companies don’t necessarily hire the most expert employees. Rather, they employ groups of people that work together the most effectively. Much business literature suggests that teams will perform best with proper management. Yet, the fact is, employees cannot be managed out of a crisis, nor into victory; they can only be led. Many discussions of […]

Trifacta founder believes data science is sexy and open source is fun| #BigDataSV

In their ongoing coverage of the 2014 Strata Conference in Santa Clara, California, John Furrier and Jeff Kelly speak with Joe Hellerstein, Founder and CEO of Trifacta. The three discuss future trends in data science, what computer science students are eager to learn and new business models for open source. The most significant change Hellerstein has […]