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Klint Finley is a Senior Writer at SiliconAngle. His specialties
include IT services, enterprise technology and software development.
Prior to SiliconAngle he was a writer for ReadWriteWeb. He's also a
former IT practicioner, and has written about technology for over a
decade. He can be contacted at angle@klintfinley.com.

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SpaceOps: How NASA Uses Agile Development in the Search for Life on Mars

A forthcoming case study from Atlassian looks at Ensemble, a project jointly developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, CA and the Ames Research Center near San Francisco. It’s described by the space agency as: “a platform for the development, integration, and deployment of mission operations software that can be reconfigured or upgraded […]

Big Data and DevOps: 5 Projects to Watch

I’ve written before that big data necessitates DevOps by creating infrastructural challenges that require improved collaboration between development and operations and increased reliance on automation. But big data can also enable DevOps teams by providing more actionable intelligence about applications and infrastructure. Here’s a look at a few tools at the intersection of big data […]

TacoConf: Ride a Bike, Eat Tacos and Learn How to Run Your Own “CultureConf”

TacoConf is a mobile “culture conference” that will happen this weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area. Day One (May 11) will start at 11 am at Henry J. Kaiser Memorial Park in Oakland. Day Two (May 12) will take place at 11 am at Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco. Participants will ride their […]

Update on the BigCouch/CouchDB Merger

Last January I reported that Cloudant is shifting its priorities from developing BigCouch, its fork of Apache CouchDB, towards contributing to the main CouchDB project. At the time, Cloudant CTO Adam Kocoloski said that the CouchDB team was keen on integrating Cloudant’s contributions. At the CouchDBSummit last month, CouchDB contributors and other stakeholders gathered to […]

There’s No Such Thing as the Perfect Developer Laptop

Yesterday’s post about Dell’s experimental developer-centric laptop Project Sputnik struck a chord. It’s the most popular post we’ve done at DevOpsAngle, it has 181 comments on Hacker News so far and Dell’s collected 40 suggestions on its IdeaStorm feedback site. One clear theme: There’s no such thing as the perfect developer laptop. Needs vary quite […]

Dell Announces A Linux Laptop Designed for Developers

A few years ago Dell began offering the Ubuntu distribution of Linux on its desktops and laptaps, but quietly dropped the option from its online store in 2010 (though it’s still possible to order certain machines with Ubuntu). Today at the Ubuntu Developers Summit Dell announced that it is dipping its toes into back into […]

Vert.x Brings Node.js Style Development to the Java Virtual Machine

There’s a new alternative to Node.js for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) developers: Vert.x, a an asynchronous development framework based on the Netty framework. Vert.x can applications can be built with JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy or Java. Developer Tim Fox, who works for VMware, explains in an interview with InfoQ: “Vert.x actually uses Netty. But vert.x is […]

Kanban Hackers Extend Rally ALM Tool at Hackathon

This week agile application lifecycle management vendor Rally held a hackathon in Boulder, CO to celebrate the new version of the company’s App SDK, which gives developers full access to all artifacts and can take you back to older states, and the launch of its Analytics API. First place was a tie between Kanban Time […]

Ross Mayfield Sells 2 Companies in One Week: SocialText and SlideShare

Ross Mayfield, founder of the enterprise social network platform Socialtext and VP of business development of SlideShare had both of his companies acquired this week: Socialtext to Bedford Funding and SlideShare to LinkedIn. Mayfield, who left his role as president of Socialtext for the VP role at Slideshare last year, assures me this was “merely […]

One NoSQL Language to Rule Them All

Last year Erik Meijer and Gavin Bierman of Microsoft Research published a paper making the case for a common language for NoSQL databases. A year later, there’s been some progress towards this goal, although not much. UnQL, under development by Couchbase, Microsoft and SQLite is one of the most ambitious NoSQL query language projects I […]