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Klint Finley is a Senior Writer at SiliconAngle. His specialties
include IT services, enterprise technology and software development.
Prior to SiliconAngle he was a writer for ReadWriteWeb. He's also a
former IT practicioner, and has written about technology for over a
decade. He can be contacted at angle@klintfinley.com.

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Linus Torvalds: Improving the Way We Write Software is More Interesting Than Improving Software

Today on the occasion of his Millenium Technology Prize award, TechCrunch ran an interview with Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds. The most interesting bit of the interview came when Torvalds was asked what question he wished he was asked about in interviews. He then began talking about the importance of the process of programming: In […]

It’s Time to Bring More AppSec Into AppDev

Earlier this month Michael A. Davis wrote for Information Week that NoSQL equals “no security,” echoing Alex Popescu’s musing last month that for many NoSQL projects, security is an after thought. According to Davis: “In our InformationWeek 2012 Big Data Survey of business technology professionals managing a minimum of 10 TB of data, we asked […]

8+ Splunk Alternatives

Splunk just announced its IPO today, and it’s getting a lot of attention. But don’t forget about its alternatives. Splunk isn’t just for logs, and there’s not a clear general purpose alternative to Splunk. However, there are many purpose built log file alternatives worth considering. Open Source Alternatives Graylog2 Graylog2 is an open source log […]

The Origins of Splunk

Today “operational intelligence” vendor Splunk officially announced its IPO. In a video interview with Dell’s Barton George, Splunk CTO and co-founder Erik Swan explains the origins of the company and how it went from being a complicated dashboard product to being the “Google of machine data.” According to Swan, Splunk is the third company that […]

Are We Too Concerned with Vendor Lock-In?

I’ve written frequently about vendor lock-in and how to avoid it, but Matt Asay suggests that lock-in might be the least of a CIO’s worries. No one wants to get stuck being price gauged by a mega-vendor, but the truth is being locked into something that works is better than freely using something doesn’t. Earlier […]

Puppet Labs Announces OpenStack Support

Today at OpenStack Summit, Puppet Labs announced a set of modules for deploying and maintaining the open source private cloud system OpenStack. The free modules will work with both the free version of Puppet and with Puppet Enterprise. Puppet already supports Amazon Web Services and VMware, so an open source alternative is a welcome addition. […]

Good News on Security: Cybercrime is Grossly Exaggerated

“Damage caused by cybercrime is estimated at $100 billion annually, said Kilian Strauss, of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE),” New Scientist reported back in 2008. Where are those supposed billions going? According to a Cisco report: “In Russia, for instance, social networks were used to create an online marketplace for stolen […]

Netflix to Open Source Chaos Monkey and More

Netflix will open source Chaos Monkey and the rest of its Simian Army the company’s Director of Cloud Architecture Adrian Cockcroft told Wired Enterprise. In fact, according to Cockcroft, Netflix will release “pretty much all” of its platform in bits and pieces through the summer and fall. Chaos Monkey is a program that randomly kills […]

Cisco Building More Orchestration and Automation into UCS

Today on our live show theCube, Cisco SVP Global Strategic Partners Wendy Bahr said that one of the keys to the success of Cisco’s Unified Computing System is the embrace of orchestration and automation through integration with BMC, CA and Cisco’s own UCS Manager. “The early adopters get an added lift of having both the […]

Yammer Acquires File Syncing Service oneDrum

Today Yammer announced its acquisition of Scottish startup oneDrum, a cloud to desktop file syncing service that emphasizes Microsoft Office document collaboration. Although a Yammer CEO David Sacks says that Box will continue to be an integration partner with Yammer, it’s hard not to see OneDrum as a competitor to companies like Box, Dropbox and […]