Klint Finley

Klint Finley is a Senior Writer at SiliconAngle. His specialties
include IT services, enterprise technology and software development.
Prior to SiliconAngle he was a writer for ReadWriteWeb. He's also a
former IT practicioner, and has written about technology for over a
decade. He can be contacted at angle@klintfinley.com.

Latest from Klint Finley

Why Converged Infrastructure Matters to DevOps

This is a big week for converged infrastructure: HP announced the Converged Cloud, IBM announced its PureSystems today and we hear another major vendor will make a converged infrastructure announcement this week as well. DevOps teams should pay attention to what’s going on here. Last year Greg Shields proposed referring to “converged infrastructure” as “hardware […]

Cloud Foundry Team Announces New Deployment Tool Called BOSH

BOSH is a management/deployment tool for large Cloud Foundry implementations. It was just open sourced by VMware today. Mark Lucovsky, presenting at the Cloud Foundry anniversary event in Palo Alto today, described BOSH as “open source tool-chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecyle management large scale distributed services.” According to Lucovsky, VMware is using BOSH […]

Cloud9 IDE Announces One-Click Node.js Deploys to Cloud Foundry

Today cloud based integrated development environment Cloud 9IDE announced a partnership with VMware to enable one-click deployment of Node.js applications to any Cloud Foundry based platform-as-a-service environments. Through a simple interface within Cloud9, you can specify how many instances of an app to deploy, how much RAM to allocate and which version of Node.js to […]

Citrix Acquires Flexible Social Collaboration Service Podio

Today Citrix announced the acquisition of Podio, an enterprise collaboration software-as-a-service company based in Denmark. Podio, one of our underdog startups to watch in 2012, offers a flexible platform that includes basic social applications such as microblogging. The twist Podio adds is a point-and-click system for quickly building simple social apps, along with an internal […]

Is Your IT Service Provider Just Telling You What You Want to Hear?

Eric Garland, a futurist/strategic analyst, published an indictment of strategic consulting last week in The Atlantic. Although Garland is focused on the sort of foresight services provided to governments and CEOs and boards of large companies, he also mentions general purpose consulting companies such as Booz Allen, Accenture and McKinsey. Garland’s experience has some lessons […]

Atlassian Keeps Banging the Social Drum with Confluence 4.2

Earlier this year Atlassian added social features to its bug tracking application JIRA. Now the company is adding Facebook-style quick comments and “likes” to its wiki software Confluence with the 4.2 release of the product. Also new in 4.2 is a system for surfacing popular content. Social is an increasingly important component of the Atlassian […]

Twitter Open Sources Its Secret MySQL Hacks

Despite its reputation for being a big user of and contributor to open source NoSQL projects (including Hadoop, Cassandra, Storm and FlockDB), Twitter is highly dependent MySQL. According to a blog post from Twitter DBA and DB development team members Jeremy Cole and Davi Arnaut: “MySQL is the persistent storage technology behind most Twitter data: […]

Red Hat Deepens Partnership with MongoDB Maker 10gen

Well, it’s a not a NoSQL acquisition, but Red Hat is expanding its partnership with 10Gen, the company behind the open source NoSQL database MongoDB. Today the two companies announced that teams from both companies are collaborating on the development of best practices and blueprint references for deploying MongoDB on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux […]

Top 20 Most Popular Programming Languages Among Hacker News Readers

Two weeks ago someone ran a poll on Hacker News asking what the readers’ favorite programming language was. Yesterday (April 5) I took a look back at the poll to see who came out on top. I wasn’t surprised to see Python win, but I was surprised to see it lead Ruby by over 1,000 […]

3 Reasons Why a VMware/Rackspace Acquisition Would be Bad for Customers

Rumors have surfaced again that someone is trying to buy Rackspace. This time, according to The VAR Guy, rumors have been floating around that VMware is considering purchasing Rackspace to neutralize the perceived threat that the OpenStack project poses to VMware’s vSphere and vCloud. It’s not the first time acquisition rumors have floated, Dell is […]