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Does cloud-based licensing spell the end for software asset management? Don’t bet on it

By introducing its “Creative Cloud” offering, Adobe is changing the software license roadmap for a very large group of individual consumers, enterprise purchasers, and IT/software asset managers. While the shift to a subscription-based model is likely to make compliance with Adobe’s Ts & Cs a bit easier, there are other areas worth a closer look. […]

Bridging the Great Divide: How to Align User Behavior with Software License Compliance

IT would be so much easier if it weren’t for end users. They don’t read the manuals, they install applications with carefree abandon, they ignore security vulnerabilities – because that’s IT’s job, right? As for software licensing, few users, if any, even understand the concept, let alone the complexity of today’s compliance landscape. Just as […]

The Biz-Tech Intersect: Windows, BYOD and the Multi-Device Environment — The Software Licensing Angle

Bring your own device (BYOD) has caused heated debate and more than its share of IT issues in 2012. Early in the year, security and integration led the list of top challenges for CIOs, but recently attention has turned towards the software licensing implications of BYOD and multiple-device-per-user scenarios, especially with respect to to Microsoft […]