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A ninja, a tech enthusiast and a lover of sparkly things. Writing in the tech space has become an important part of my role as an observer and historian. As passionate as I am in what I do, I look forward to telling stories of how technological advancement broke out to unprecedented levels, and that I was right there in the middle of it –watching the world change before my very eyes.

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DropBox Unveils New Platform at DBX Conference

One of the highlights at DBX, Dropbox’s first ever developer conference, was the launch of the Dropbox platform, a suite of tools for building apps that allows effortless access to hundreds of millions of Dropboxes across all location and devices. While the cloud storage service of Dropbox is a fundamental component to the platform, it also syncs settings, contacts, to-do list and such! Mailbox, Shuttershock, and Yahoo Mail are among the first few to use the new set of tools!

Backup is Broken, Here’s Why : IBM Edge 2013

At Edge 2013, The Cube had over a director from one of IBM’s partners, Jeff Guenthner from CMI. He thinks IBM needs more conferences like Edge, specifically around storage, because Big Blue is a huge player in storage but it’s only some sort of an afterthought next to EMC and NetApp. CMI has been selling IBM storage for 36 years which is pretty much since they started business. As Jeff said it, “IBM is embedded in our DNA.”

IBM on Deploying Optimized Flash Array for End-Users: IBM Edge 2013

To give us valuable insights about flash at IBM Edge 2013 is Mike Kuhn, Vice President and Business Line Executive at IBM; and Jan Janick, CTO of Flash Systems at IBM.

The Cloud Is Less Mysterious This Year Than Last : IBM Edge 2013

The Cube hits Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to extract signal from the noise at IBM Edge 2013! In one of our video interviews, we caught up with Karey Keiley, Marketing Director at Arrow. Though Arrow was a huge, Keiley admitted being a little nervous at Edge because there were a lot of people, the event was huge, and they may get lost in the mix. Nevertheless, she and her team had a lot of fun.

O’Reilly Fluent Conference 2013 Wrap-Up

It was a sunny day at San Francisco when O’Reilly Fluent Conference 2013 kicked off, and Jeff Frick did the honor to wrap-up the first day of SiliconAngle’s coverage there. The event had a whole lot of guests and we’re happy to have an interview with some of them to gain very interesting insights about what they’ve been up to, and the development community as well.

ScootNetworks Offers Enjoyable Commute with SaaS (Scooter-as-a-Service)

Among the myriad of guests at O’Reilly Fluent, we had the chance to sit down with Daniel Riegel of ScootNetworks for an interview. ScootNetworks is a company which offer scooters for hire that are half the price of taxis, as fast as public transport, and four times as fun! These scooters are parked in garages and transit hubs all over San Francisco [for now] but the company is planning to expand to new locations really soon.

The Role of Strata : What to Do with Data

Another guest at The Cube during our second day of coverage at O’Reilly Fluent is Ann Spencer, Editor for O’Reilly’s Strata Practice Media. We’re delighted to have a chat with her because SiliconAngle has been to every single one of Strata’s conferences, and Spencer is responsible not only for those events but the entire Strata ecosystem under the slogan of ‘”Making the Data Work” and “Changing the World with Data.”

Hudl: Mobile App Helps Un-Savvy Football Coaches Scout Opponents

In our quest to extract signal from the noise at O’Reilly Fluent, we came across Lyle Shearer, front-end developer at Hudl. Jeff Frick was particularly delighted about having Shearer at The Cube because he is among the user-base of Hudl, an app that helps teams study themselves and scout their opponents.

Forget Blood. Donate Data! How Cultural Norms Will Shift for Healthcare Analytics

At O’Reilly Fluent, we are delighted to have a talk with Roger Magoulas, research director of O’Reilly Media. He’s a recurrent Cube alumnus and we love having Roger here at theCube not only because we love O’Reilly but also because Roger is in the cutting-edge of the market place, the trends and the people; and interesting insights are handy from him.

Balancing Web and Enterprise Stacks – Where Will Developers Find the Most Value at the Evolving Fluent Conference?

We are very grateful to have on-screen the man who is at the helm of Fluent Conference, Simon St. Laurent of O’Reilly Media. Fluent is wildly successful as a developer conference and although there’s not much media hype about it, the event focuses on what really matters most: great developers that encourage solid following!