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Closing the gap between Network and Analytics: The VSS Big Data Visibility Solution

On Tuesday November 19th VSS Monitoring, a leading provider of network packet brokers (NPBs), launched their Big Data Visibility solution. The system combines network data with big data from external sources to allow analysis of that data as a single dataset. Thus making the Big Data Visibility solution the industry’s first to capture, groom and distribute network […]

New payment processing security guidelines outlined in PCI 3.0

The PCI Security Standards Council has released a new version of the Payment Card Industry standard known as PCI 3.0 which will take effect as of January 1, 2014.  If you’re an organization who accepts or processes payment cards, here’s what you need to know about PCI 3.0. PCI scope: What is it?  PCI scope […]

A big data fix for

Last week SiliconANGLE reported on the Department of Health and Human Services’ rumored action to bring Verizon’s Enterprise Solutions division into the picture in an attempt to improve the performance of the site. While the value of such a move by the DHHS is still under speculation due to questions surrounding the Verizon/Terremark relationship, […]

This Is Gonna Hurt – ObamaCare Site Code Needs Major Overhaul

Over the past few weeks SiliconANGLE has brought down the microscope on Obamacare’s laughable attempt to launch the website. Reports continue to pile in of skewed traffic projections, inadequate contractors, and even self-inflicted DDoS type of wounds. While all of these excuses hold some truth; with a December 15th deadline rapidly approaching, instead of […]

NSFOCUS: Quick-Pay Seeking Criminals Need Look No Further Than DDoS

NSFOCUS, provider of enterprise-level solutions and services for distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation, Web security and network security has released their mid-year 2013 DDoS Threat Report with the aim of educating the broader IT industry about observations and trends regarding DDos attacks.  The overall highlights of the report suggest DDoS attacks while shrinking in […]

Nymi Heartbeat WristBand in Security: Getting To The Heart of the Matter

Everyone knows the struggle that comes with personal passwords. Security experts advise us to use lengthy and complex passphrases with a combination of alphanumeric characters and symbols that cannot be easily guessed. Yet it seems extremely difficult to heed these warnings, as it’s known our short-term memory can only hold about seven items at a […]

Big Data Security – How To Improve Your Network Protection

Today’s businesses not only face threats from outside cyber predators, but are at risk from inside jobs as well.   Earlier this year we learned about the risks of security systems built around a forensic model.  When activity can only be traced after it has occurred, it is usually too late (i.e. the Edward Snowden document […]

Musky Trains & Reading Site for the Thinking Chair – SiliconANGLE News Roundup

The Musk Express   Yesterday, Elon Musk, the billionaire behind Paypal, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors revealed a new idea that could use the power of the sun to transport people at supersonic speeds up to nine-hundred miles. Called the Hyperloop, the elevated or subterranean train-in-a-tube is designed to be more cost-effective than modern mag-lev trains, […]

Smart Recycle Bins & Treadmills for Gamers – SiliconANGLE News Roundup

Renew, Recycle, Repurpose   A new initiative by English startup Renew, has one hundred recycling bins in The City of London set to receive an upgrade that will track and target ads to passing pedestrians. Previously, bins all across the city were fitted with digital screens to celebrate last year’s Olympic games, and since then, […]

Learning Inside a Box & Sleep Science for Consumers – SiliconANGLE News Roundup

Croc in a Box – Good for Learnin’   Just in time for the school year, Box, the company most known for their cloud storage services, will be stepping up its game in the education space with the launch of some new tools specifically designed for students. Among the new additions are the inclusion of […]