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Dr. Bitcoin On: Finding Satoshi

Like many of my friends who are the resident Bitcoin experts within their social circle, I was woken up this morning to the tune of about two dozen text messages and alerts letting me know about Newsweek Magazine’s post that allegedly reveals the long-secret identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. For the uninitiated, Satoshi Nakamoto is the […]

Ask Dr. Bitcoin: What Happened to the Spot Price Last Night?

Last night was a rough night for Bitcoin speculators and bag holders. Over the last 24 hours, the spot price of a Bitcoin has fallen from the peak of $750 USD/BTC to a valley of $455 USD/BTC before rebounding to around $600 USD/BTC. All this movement is on confirmation of the rumor Mike Wheatley reported […]

Dr. Bitcoin On: Bitcoin isn’t banned in China, only legally defined.

The last several days have been particularly volatile for new watchers to Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin peaked out at over 1.2 mBTC ($1,200 / Bitcoin) on the fourth, but following warnings from the People’s Bank of China, the price tumbled to .576 mBTC ($576 / Bitcoin) before correcting upwards to .860 mBTC ($860 Bitcoin) […]

Jeff Bezos Recovers Apollo 11 Remains

We live in incredible times. Jeff Bezos’ crew has found the Apollo 11 booster at the bottom of the sea and now they have recovered two of the enormous F-1 engines which hit the ocean in 1969 going 5000 MPH. This is the thrust chamber section on its way back to Cape Canaveral today. Jeff […]

Ex-Google Reader PM on Why is Google killing Google Reader

Guest post from Brian Shih, Former Google Reader Product Manager. I left Google in 2011 so this is all my own speculation. I have no idea if this is the real reason or not, and there certainly could be more to the story. Don’t take my word as gospel. Having said that, let’s be clear that this […]

How Big is Big Data? IDC Says Only $24B. I Say “Close, But No Cigar.”

Derrick Harris posted about IDC, who finally released a Big Data market sizing report. The headline from the post is “IDC says big data will be $24B market in 2016; I say it’s bigger.” Research firm IDC is predicting a big data market that will grow revenue at 31.7 percent a year until it hits […]

Dell’s Escape Route in the Post-PC Market

  The SiliconANGLE and Wikibon team came together in Austin this week to attend what is likely to be our last conference of the year to attend and cover on #theCube: Dell World 2012. A conference in it’s second year, it was definitely an event that seemed timely for us, since just last week we […]

Dell, BYOD, and the New Reality

Dell is positioned to be successful, just like HP. They’re hopping aboard the train Microsoft is conducting to kill BYOD. Dell just doesn’t seem to know it. Last week, I wrote a bit about what I see as Microsoft’s opportunity to kill BYOD for at least some segment of the enterprise. +John Furrier calls it a […]

Breaking Analysis: A Timeline of the Autonomy Acquisition

CNBC has been doing a pretty decent job getting first hand perspectives from the players involved with the big news out of HP today, with regard to the alleged fraud and writedown of Autonomy that came along with today’s quarterly earnings from HP. CNBC has been repeatedly pointing to the fact that Wall Street Analyst […]

Electing Big Data: It’s Bigger than the White House

How do you talk about this past week without talking about Big Data, data infrastructure and analytics? You can’t. No matter who you voted for or what your party affiliation is, the clear winner in this election was awareness of Big Data, both within the insider circles of the DC Beltway as well as the general […]