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Marlene Den Bleyker

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What is motivating multi-cloud adoption in the enterprise?

It started with a spark of awareness around containers’ virtualization methods as a framework, leading to efficiencies in packaging and deploying software applications that solve some of the longest-standing challenges in enterprise information technology. All while opening up a world of multi-cloud for shared workloads, data backup and protection. “It’s been interesting in the last year to […]

Master Data Management: AI helps make old data technology new again

Around 10 years ago, Master Data Management was used to manage older data technologies. It employed the familiar methods of extraction, transformation and load-based data movement, which had its downside. As the digital transformation ramped up and as data began pouring into the enterprise, the technology became outdated. During Informatica World in San Francisco, California, […]

Informatica reinvents its brand: ‘This is our year,’ says CMO

In the past, marketers were the misunderstood part of an organization, often seen as ancillary to the overall business operation. Now, as companies are beginning to understand the value of data, marketers have a new spring in their step as the rest of the organization sees the value of mining data to reinvent your brand. […]

Are data lakes the answer to privacy regulations, competition in healthcare?

The United States healthcare industry, which generates approximately $2.9 trillion annually and is the fifth-largest economy in the world, still lags behind many industries in digital transformation. Getting on board the big data bandwagon has been difficult for an industry that is highly regulated and required to keep patient data private. The opportunities for data in healthcare […]

Creating the data-driven organization one tool at a time

Today’s C-suite is struggling to keep up with technology trends, and many chief information officers are looking to create information technology teams that will create value for the organization. As indicated by International Data Corp. research, technology is going to be at the core of every company’s agenda, and executives and company constituents will have to become […]

SAP reveals its trajectory to the multi-cloud world

The breaking news at SAP’s Sapphire Now event this week in Orlando, Florida, is all about the three Cs of SAP’s multi-cloud offerings. “Three things to remember, it’s about helping accelerate cloud adoption, consumption, as well choice,” said Emily Mui (pictured, right), senior director of product marketing, Hana Cloud Platform, at SAP SE. Mui and her […]

Dell EMC wins $1M big data challenge, evolves strategy

Architecting data management across an organization with the goal of bringing business value to stakeholders can be difficult due to the legacy of siloed data and data lakes. Even a company like Dell Technologies Inc. needs to manage its data and architect a solution that will democratize that data, according to Deepak Gattala (pictured), big data architect, […]

Three things driving OpenStack’s refreshed enterprise adoption

OpenStack is growing in enterprise adoption, according to the company’s own user survey from this year, seeing a 44 percent increase in deployments compared to the survey conducted one year ago. In a market where open source business models are struggling to prove profitable, OpenStack faces its own challenges of remaining relevant just a few years after […]

Hello Alice: AI tool helps female entrepreneurs grow business

Almost 1,000 women (983 to be exact) started net-new* businesses per day in the U.S. from 2012 to 2016, according to the “2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report,” commissioned by American Express OPEN. In a little less than a decade, the number of women-owned companies has grown at a rate five times faster than the national average, […]

Michael Dell: helping businesses reach nirvana through innovation

Over the years, Dell (now Dell Technologies Inc.) has grown from a small computer manufacturing company based in a dorm room into one of the leading technology companies in the world. The timeless guiding principle for the company and its founder is the cornerstone of Dell Technology’s success: maintaining a customer-centric focus. Leading the company […]