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Marlene Den Bleyker

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The path of profitability: Connected data is where the value lies for Hortonworks

Software providers like Hortonworks Inc. that offer Apache Hadoop-based software, support and services are turning to Wall Street to increase profitability. In recent news, Cloudera Inc. announced it will be offering an initial public offering. However, some critics believe the company will not retain its value. And industry experts believe that the only companies profiting from […]

Profitless prosperity: Can tech vendors make money? Analysts weigh in

As the DataWorks Summit 2017 EU, kicked off in Munich, Germany today, there is a new rebranding of sorts surrounding open-source data. This event, presented by Hortonworks Inc., has changed its name from Hadoop Summit, which indicates an industry trend of transitioning from the open source world to the big data world. “It’s a small European […]

Genomics: using open-source technology to battle cancer

The science of genomics is a data-driven process that requires moving vast amounts of information from one place to another. The research effort is turning to the cloud and technologies such as machine learning and quantum computing to help fight the war on cancer and other diseases. “Genomics has me totally fascinated. … The other […]

Opening up software-defined networks changes the meaning of being an operator

Can software-defined networking truly drive scalable agility in enterprise information technology? This was the primary topic discussed at this week’s Open Networking Summit 2017, hosted by The Linux Foundation, in Santa Clara, California. During theCUBE’s live broadcast from the event, our analysts took some time to break down key insights, exploring innovations in open networking and […]

Governance and security remain the biggest tech headaches for healthcare

The $5 trillion health ecosystem in the U.S. is in a position for emerging technologies to disrupt the industry, according to recent reports. In today’s connected world, many healthcare institutions are turning to data to capitalize on patient care, increase productivity and lower costs, with big data at the center of advancing health for many individuals. However, privacy […]

Beyond job boards and networking: Technology helps women break through glass ceilings

The harsh reality for modern women is that while 47 percent of them comprise the total workforce, they still only receive 78 cents for every man’s dollar. And women still lack admission to higher-paying sectors, like tech. Despite technology companies striving to hire women software developers, only one out of every six developers are female, […]

The CDO playbook: building bolder expectations for data-driven businesses

By 2019, 90 percent of organizations will have a Chief Data Officer and 50 percent of them will fail, according to a Gartner Inc. report published last year. To reduce the failure rate, IBM’s Institute for Business Value created The Chief Data Officer playbook, which lays out the six key questions organizations need to think about. […]

USAA embraces digital transformation to improve the customer experience

The United Services Automobile Association is a $27-billion-dollar, 95-year-old company that focuses on the military and their families, offering a full range of financial services. The company has plenty of data, and trying to bring the established company through the digital transformation is not always easy for the entire organization. The organization has partnered with […]

Is diversity in commerce a faster way to innovation?

Technology transformation and organizational change are a matter of diversity. One company, Magento Inc., a commerce platform that powers one-third of digital transactions (over $50 billion in gross merchandise volume) across the globe, decided to execute and deliver diversity. “We put a focus on diversity and inclusion, and by doing that we’ve increased the percentage […]

The Cognitive Story: IBM algorithmist changes lives in a positive way

During IBM Interconnect 2017 this week, “The Cognitive Story,” a project that partners IBM Corp. with the Darwin Ecosystem, LLC, held a presentation on their research.  The compelling story is about a 29-year-old woman who suffers from Rhett’s Syndrome, a rare disease that mainly affects women. In her condition, she is an advanced quadriplegic without the […]