Marlene Den Bleyker

Marlene Den Bleyker

Marlene is a staff writer at SiliconANGLE covering live events from SiliconANGLE Media's production hub, theCUBE. Have a news tip? Tweet it to @siliconangle

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Big Data trends: Outcomes not architecture | #BigDataNYC

As Big Data hits the Big Apple, industry insiders are beginning to see big shifts in customer requirements for their data. What are the current trends? Rob Thomas, vice president of product development, analytics for IBM, and Joel Horwitz, director of marketing analytics for IBM, sat down with John Furrier, host of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media […]

Cloud coverage is growing throughout the enterprise | #splunkconf

There is no slowdown in sight with regard to the enterprise consumption of the cloud, according to Joseph Noga, VP of technology for Komodo Cloud, LLC, a leader in IT transition and transformation services for enterprises, system integrators and independent software vendors. Noga joined John Furrier and Jeff Frick, cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, during Splunk .conf 2015 at the […]

How Alaska is beefing up data security with Splunk | #splunkconf

Secure and share data is a critical element for all enterprises, including government entities. Myron Davis, analyst/programmer for the State of Alaska, joined John Furrier and Jeff Frick, cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE’s Media team, at Splunk.conf 2015 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to talk about how the State of Alaska is using […]

Malware archaeologist to industry: ‘Enable and configure’ | #splunkconf

Where do you turn when you have a security breach? To a malware archaeologist, of course. Michael Gough, founder of Malware Archaeology, LLC, is a malware archeologist who researches hacker attacks by reviewing log cases, or as he puts it: looks for a needle in a haystack. Gough sat down with John Furrier, cohost of theCUBE, from […]

Improved efficiency for global infrastructure | #splunkconf

Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization with a four-part goal. It provides support materials connecting resources with those in need, form partnerships between companies and non-profit organizations, bring experiences through the stepping into another’s shoes program, and to unite companies and community together through fair trade. Tom Pike, IT manager for Crossroads Foundation, […]

University reduces risk factors | #splunkconf

What are the challenges facing higher learning these days? Indiana University is now a Splunk, Inc. customer, and the school is using technology for more than just bringing students YouTube videos and Instagram photos. Allen Tucker, manager, HELPnet Central Systems for Indiana University (IU), sat down with John Furrier and George Gilbert on theCUBE, from […]

Teamwork: The necessity for invention | #IntelInnovationDay2015

Labeled as the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford of Silicon Valley, Robert Noyce receives this distinction for two reasons. He was the co-inventor of one of the most important discoveries in technology and a leader in the growth of Silicon Valley. Historical figure Leslie Berlin, project historian for the Silicon Valley Archives at Stanford University, […]

IT History repeats itself in modern ways | #IntelInnovationDay2015

Kim Stevenson, chief information officer Intel Corporation explains how the company’s values lead to innovation and revenue generation as she sits down with Jeff Frick on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE’s media platform at Intel’s Innovation Day at the Robert N. Noyce Building at the Intel museum. Rich in history Founded in 1968 by Robert Noyce, Intel is well known […]

The real story: What you missed in tech while Apple launched the iPhone 6s | #CCL2015

As the world was enthralled by Apple and it’s new product releases today, John Furrier and Jeff Frick, cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, sat in another part of San Francisco at Console Connect LIVE 2015 at the Nob Hill Masonic Center watching a new ecosystem emerge. Technology engine “This event brought together the thought […]

The last mile of networking | #CCL2015

As the industry is busy building core networks on fiber, Zayo Gropu, LLC is hard at work building the last mile. Tyler Coates, director, Ethernet product management for Zayo Group, sat down with John Furrier and Jeff Frick on theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, at Console Connect LIVE 2015  at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in […]