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Marlene Den Bleyker

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IBM goes all-in on its hybrid cloud services strategy

When IBM Corp. decided to bring an analytics platform to market, a “data-first” strategy and developing a method for how the business uses data were the first two steps in the process. The company is working with various verticals, and the customers’ process begins by uncovering how to take their existing technology investments and create a hybrid […]

Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things excite, but it’s still a big data world

In 2015, Hitachi Data Systems Corp. made a play in the big data game with the acquisition of Pentaho Corp. The merger brought together a first-class data integration and business analytics company using an open-source-based platform and added new functionality to Hitachi Data Systems to extend its presence in the market of big data, analytics, […]

Bringing the power of artificial intelligence to real-world applications

IBM Corp. has spent years developing its artificial intelligence platform, Watson, looking to the open-source Apache Spark platform for innovative machine learning capabilities that can help push Watson into business verticals for manufacturing, healthcare, cybersecurity and retail. Having made the IBM Spark Technology Center a part of its AI-driven ecosystem, IBM has opened up the analytics capabilities of Watson […]

Monetizing big data with Hadoop as a Service: SAP’s story

Back in September 2016, SAP SE scooped up a company called Altiscale Inc. to add high-performance and scalability to its Big Data-as-a-Service solution. Altiscale brought a highly optimized cloud infrastructure that offers Hadoop as a Service and Spark. These services complement the SAP Cloud Platform, offering a more dynamic enterprise solution that allows companies to focus […]

Spark ML: getting closer to the edge to improve latency

Going mainstream in the data-driven enterprise is Apache Spark, the open-source analytics engine. As prominent industries move to the Internet of Things markets and machine learning technologies to capitalize on data, Spark ML (which provides a uniform set of high-level application program interfaces that help users create and tune practical machine learning pipelines) offers companies the […]

Auto industry disruption: artificial intelligence’s impact on the future of personal mobility

Is personal mobility poised for disruption? Innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, are transforming the automotive industry with autonomous vehicles, connected cars and crowdsourced ride-sharing, creating a new transportation ecosystem. Chariot Transit Inc., a crowdsourced transportation provider located in San Francisco and Austin, is part of Ford Smart Mobility LLC […]

Can the enterprise afford to be in the ‘ignore state’ with its data lake?

The data lake is evolving, and one company is nudging the enterprise into extracting value from data that’s stored in this increasingly complex paradigm.  “Time to value is critical. So how do you reduce the time to insight — from the time the data is produced to the time the data is available to the […]

Next-gen hybrid cloud drives Intel-Google partnership

Two of the biggest names in the technology industry are joining forces once more. Extending a 10-year relationship, Google Inc. and Intel Corp. are tackling the biggest challenges in information technology to penetrate the enterprise market. Building on their strategic alliance announced last November, in which Intel will be powering the Google Cloud Platform, the two […]

How AI became a key technology in finding missing and exploited children

The new superhero in the fight to find missing and exploited children is artificial intelligence. In 2016, there were 465,676 entries for missing children in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center. And in an effort to find missing children, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Intel Corp. recently formed a […]

The AI ethics gap: the dangers of democratizing data

The role of data that fuels artificial intelligence raises some ethical questions. Who owns the data collected from healthcare devices or the information gathered from a Fitbit? The technology industry is now trying to resolve the principles of collecting data and its democratization. “There’s a real big gap, and I think probably part of what […]