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Marlene Den Bleyker

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Flape: IBM bringing back tape to enhance cognitive

In the world of big data, storage plays a major role in how the enterprise can move forward with deriving insight into the business. IBM Corp. is making tape cool again with storage products that offer scalability, reliability and security at a lower price point. The company is also promoting “Flape” as the combination of […]

The new business disrupter: How IBM is taking blockchain all the way to the bank

If bitcoin is the new currency then blockchain is the new bank. IBM Corp. recently made investments in developing blockchain technology and is working with the open-source project Hyperledger to advance the concept of blockchain throughout the enterprise. “Blockchain is all about trust in business transactions. There is an opportunity for the first time for […]

CIOs demand ‘always-on’ availability

Data recovery is a 24/7/365 business. A simple tagline of “IT JUST WORKS!” led a 10-year-old company down a fast, high-growth path into the data availability market. Veeam Software Inc. can attribute its growth to its “always-on” availability for applications and data. Partnering with the heavy hitters of technology like VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud, the […]

Worldwide financial institution begins journey to the cloud

In any regulated industry, moving to the cloud is a complex process. Many financial firms are running hybrid data centers and have an abundance of legacy systems they are trying to migrate to the cloud to capitalize on speed and agility. One worldwide financial services holding company, State Street Corp., is making the move to […]

Azure, Hortonworks bet big on cognitive tech; HDInsight promises 99.9 percent performance

Machine learning and analytics platforms are offering real-time insights to business stakeholders, and a growing partnership between Hortonworks Inc. and Microsoft Corp. is advancing the ability to achieve cognitive solutions for customers working in a hybrid world, according to Hortonworks’ Wei Wang and Microsoft’s Oliver Chui. The partnership between the companies had them betting big on Apache Hadoop and […]

Watson was made for this: IBM on the business of cognitive tech

IBM Corp. has made big investments into its Watson Internet of Things business. The company is producing real business outcomes and delivering insights through its billions of sensors embedded into a large number devices scattered around the globe. In addition to IoT, the company is doubling down on its artificial intelligence investment on the Watson platform. There […]

At the intersection of cognitive workloads and security

Today’s advances in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have the enterprise rapidly trying to catch up with modern technology, many looking to use existing infrastructures while taking advantage of the cloud. Businesses want real-time insights, cognitive computing and security in a hybrid cloud environment. IBM Corp. is hoping to make gains in the […]

13-year-old developer and IBM cloud champion helps shape The Cognitive Story

One of today’s driving forces behind cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence is 13-year-old Tanmay Bakshi (pictured), developer and IBM Champion for cloud. However, being the youngest developer to work on IBM Corp.’s Watson AI platform is clearly not enough for this talented teenager. He is now working on an AI-based project called The Cognitive Story, which […]

IBM goes all-in on its hybrid cloud services strategy

When IBM Corp. decided to bring an analytics platform to market, a “data-first” strategy and developing a method for how the business uses data were the first two steps in the process. The company is working with various verticals, and the customers’ process begins by uncovering how to take their existing technology investments and create a hybrid […]

Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things excite, but it’s still a big data world

In 2015, Hitachi Data Systems Corp. made a play in the big data game with the acquisition of Pentaho Corp. The merger brought together a first-class data integration and business analytics company using an open-source-based platform and added new functionality to Hitachi Data Systems to extend its presence in the market of big data, analytics, […]