Mason Pelt

Mason Pelt

Mason Pelt is a marketing and product development consultant who now assumes the title growth hacker. Mason is  and founder of Push ROI a marketing consultancy that takes a data backed, user experience first approach to drive growth for clients.reach meaningful, sustainable growth. Mason is also a speaker speaker and featured writer talking about marketing, product development andbusiness innovation.

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Ashley Madison “the most interesting hack” says John McAfee

The legendary cyber security pioneer with the larger than life persona, John McAfee, just released a video answering the question, “What is the most interesting hack?”. He only waited long enough to give the obligatory disclaimer that “all hacks are terrible affairs,” before continuing without hesitation to say: Certainly the most interesting that has happened […]

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is a term that has recently come into vogue, and the term is causing some confusion. You can’t go to a startup event without meeting someone with the title “growth hacker,” promising simple tricks to scale your startup. But what the heck does a “growth hacker” do?

IBM goes back to its roots: Solving big problems for big companies | #IBMinsight

IBM spends on research and development, as well as mergers and acquisitions. It makes smart buys and has built a heck of a stack. IBM has acquired some great technologies. It has Bluemix for cloud application development, and Watson for industry-specific Big Data analytics. During its wrapup segment on day one of IBM Insight 2015, the consensus among […]

Is Oracle making Cloud migration easy? | #oow15

Oracle’s Cloud has a focus on integrations to make the Cloud easy. Driving value not just for other Oracle products but for third parties. In marketing you have Salesforce, Marketo, SAP, Adobe, etc., and Oracle comes in and integrates with all those applications. John Furrier and Brian Gracely, cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media […]

“Big Data” is an overused buzzword and this Twitter bot proves it

I’m not a data scientist and, in all likelihood, neither are most of the folks who keep using the phrase “Big Data”. I keep hearing marketers, startups and random executives talking about “Big Data” like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Big data is a buzzword lately and, like a lot of buzzwords, it […]

IBM bets on Big Data | #IBMinsight

IBM said it was going to make a big bet on something that would change the world. It would seem that the big bet IBM is making is on Big Data analytics. And this year, IBM Watson (IBM’s cognitive technology) has turned into a powerful processing engine that is helping people solve real-world problems. During theCUBE’s kickoff segment at IBM […]

Get this genetic data from the revamped 23andMe, after FDA approval

Genetic testing company 23andMe, Inc. has been given a new lease on life with the Food and Drug Administration’s approval to allow the company to relaunch its DNA direct-to-consumer testing kits. This follows a two-year ban on services when the FDA mandated the company to immediately cease selling genetic tests and marketing interpretations. The FDA […]

“Let’s Go Crazy” over YouTube Copyrights take-downs

YouTube, LLC and other online video sharing services have long used automated systems to detect and enforce copyright infringement, but last weeks 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling will change the way that automated copyright enforcement takes place. Last week the 9th Circuit ruled to require copyright holders to consider fair use prior to issuing a takedown notice for […]

Do police body cameras protect the public?

The Atlantic published recently that the number of cops indicted for murder so far this year is greater than it’s been in the past five previous years combined. Since 2015 is set to be one of the safest years for law enforcement in a quarter century, I can only assume the “war on cops” is in […]

My take on Gmail’s new native ads

Amid the buzz of Google’s new logo last Monday, a lot of people missed Tuesday’s announcement that native Gmail Ads are now available to all advertisers. The option to run these Gmail ads is now available in AdWords as part of a Display Network campaign. This native ad format has been in beta testing since 2013 and is very different […]