Michelle Davidson

Michelle Davidson

Michelle Davidson is a staff writer for SiliconANGLE, covering the cloud computing market—Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service and more.

Prior to joining SiliconANGLE, Michelle was an editor at RAIN Group; an editor at TechTarget, managing the Search400 and SearchSoftwareQuality sites; and a senior production editor at Computerworld.

When she isn’t writing about technology, Michelle is gearing up for her trivia team’s next tournament. She’s the team’s go-to person for literature, art, Academy Award winners, Emmy Award winners, politics and—of course—technology.

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Latest from Michelle Davidson

nGenx provides cloud access to Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office users have a new way to use the productivity suite in the cloud. Starting today, Microsoft Office 2016 is available as a cloud application from the nGenx Cloud Application Catalog. Purchasers can choose Microsoft Office 2016 as a stand-alone solution via Office365. Or they may purchase the suite through nFinity nWorkspace (Office 365 […]

Toyota, Microsoft partner to develop car-connected technologies

Toyota Motor Corp. announced it is partnering with Microsoft to create a subsidiary, Toyota Connected Inc. The new company will serve as a data science hub for Toyota’s global operations, and it will support a range of consumer-, business- and government-facing initiatives. The new company will run on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, providing a […]

Security, compliance the biggest barriers to cloud adoption

Data security remains a high concern among IT professionals. In fact, it’s the main barrier for adopting cloud services, according to a recent study by Evolve IP LLC. According to Evolve IP’s Adoption of Cloud Services North America report, 55 percent of the 1,080 respondents said security was the biggest barrier and concern—a 2 percent […]

Survey finds IBM is top cloud application transformation vendor

Migrating existing applications to the cloud can be complicated and cause unease. Will data be lost during the transition? Will employees need to be trained on new systems? Will processes change? It makes sense, then, that companies turn to cloud providers that also provide services to assist with the transition, as a recent report from […]

IBM Bluemix Garage Method helps organizations develop cloud apps faster

To help organizations quickly develop cloud applications, IBM today released the Bluemix Garage Method, an online resource that provides best practices and tool chains for cloud application development. Bluemix Garage Method is “a form of digital enablement,” said Rachel Reinitz, distinguished engineer and CTO of IBM Bluemix Garage. “It brings together a set of practices […]

Platfora puts big data discovery in business users’ hands

Business users looking to access and analyze big data have a new option: Platfora 5.2. Announced yesterday at Strata + Hadoop World, Platfora 5.2 enables “citizen data scientists” to do their own data preparation, visual analysis and behavioral analytics using any business intelligence (BI) tool. It gives them the power to get fast answers to […]

Developers take charge, bring containers and microservices into the mainstream

The drive for innovative, modern applications has changed the state of application development and deployment. Relatively new technologies have become mainstream, and developers are leading the charge when it comes implementing them in companies. According to a study by NGINX Inc. on the future of application development, 74 percent of the 1,800 IT professionals surveyed […]

Vera helps developers build data security into any application

Encryption is the name of the game when it comes to securing data at rest, in transit and in use. The problem is enterprises often have trouble integrating encryption into their applications. Vera hopes to remove that barrier with its new data security service that allows developers to build security into any application—new applications or […]

5 ways to improve cloud application performance

Application performance is always a concern. Is the code written well? Is the database optimized? Can the application handle load spikes? When the application is on a public cloud platform, however, developers have unique challenges. The biggest being the infrastructure the application runs on is shared with other applications, and high activity on one application […]

HPE and Microsoft invest in cloud computing startup Mesosphere

Cloud computing startup Mesosphere Inc. got the support of two tech giants today: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Microsoft. The company closed $73.5 million in a Series C funding round led by HPE, with Microsoft joining as a new strategic investor. The round brings Mesosphere’s total funding to date to nearly $126 million. The Mesosphere […]