Mike Wheatley

Mike Wheatley is a senior staff writer at SiliconANGLE. He loves to write about Big Data and the Internet of Things, and explore how these technologies are evolving and helping businesses to become more agile.

Before joining SiliconANGLE, Mike was an editor at Argophilia Travel News, an occassional contributer to The Epoch Times, and has also dabbled in SEO and social media marketing. He usually bases himself in Bangkok, Thailand, though he can often be found roaming through the jungles or chilling on a beach.

Got a news story or tip? Email Mike@SiliconANGLE.com.

Latest from Mike Wheatley

Healthy Big Data: Straight From The Heart

Thanks to products like the Fitbit wireless monitor and the Nike+ FuelBand, fitness freaks are already one step ahead of the game, tracking their daily activity, heart rate, and calorie intake and applying this data to their exercise routines. Such devices give us some great insights into the condition of our bodies, but soon, we’re […]

Nowhere Left To Hide As FBI Unveils New Facial Recognition Program

Liberals, get ready to be outraged once again. The FBI has just announced that it’s moving ahead with its new, one-billion dollar Next Generation Identification (NGI) system, a frighteningly extensive database of mugshots, DNA records, voice samples, iris scans, fingerprints and other metrics that the bureau will be able to use in its fight against […]

Building Big Data: Farming Big Data Goes To The Cows

When we think about the people who actually use big data, we usually imagine someone sitting in a warm, cozy office, suited and booted, making calls or getting busy on their computer. Few of us imagine that someone sat in an old cow shed, wearing ragged overalls and muddy boots, would be doing exactly the […]

Sweden Tops The List For Internet Know-How

One thing we can’t get enough of is all of these “Best of” or “Top Ten” lists. As a culture, we just love to rank things, but unfortunately not everything is that easily quantified. Take the internet, for example – a commercial platform, an open forum, an educational tool and so much more – to […]

Cool Ideas for Cutting Down on Data Server Cooling Costs

One of the biggest – yet least talked about – challenges facing data centers today is the amount of energy they consume in order to process and store the masses of big data generated by big businesses around the world. The problem was highlighted by Pike Research in a recent study;  according to them, data […]

Mind Control: Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

We’re still a few years away from possessing the psychic capabilities of Professor X, but nevertheless human mind-control techniques have come a long way since our favorite paraplegic superhero made his debut back in the 1960s. SiliconANGLE previously reported on how EEG (emotiv electroencephalography) headsets can be used to play video games using the power […]

Yet More Cloud Storage Options – This Time, From Russia With Love

Hot on the heels of Baidu’s new cloud storage offering, the Russian-language search engine Yandex has just announced the removal of the invitation-only policy for its Yandex.Disk cloud storage service. From now on, anyone wishing to sign up and get themselves up to 20GB of free storage can do so without having to beg one […]

Apple Patents New “Kill Switch” That can cut off your Smartphone from the Net

There’s been plenty of fuss about Apple and all their patents recently, so how about this one to kick up a controversy? According to a report in ZDNet, the Cupertino-based company has just patented a newly developed technology that would allow the government and/or police to disable phone cameras and block the transmission of multimedia […]

Future Big Data: Sport Analytics Gives Competitors An Edge

Some people like to say “it’s the taking part that counts,” but let’s face it, that’s crap. Competitive sports these days are all about the winning, with huge stacks of cash being the primary motivating factor. It’s true for athletes, coaches and team owners alike – sure, the ‘taking part’ might be ‘nice’, but the money […]

Anti-Piracy Groups Monitoring BitTorrent Swarms

Ever had that feeling that you’re being watched? Well, if you’re one of those people who likes to save on money by downloading torrent files, then your suspicions might just be correct. This is especially true if you happen to download your torrents from the popular file-sharing service BitTorrent, where researchers from Birmingham University have […]