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Nelson is a beat writer for SiliconANGLE's premier video production team theCUBE. He covers theCUBE events worldwide, spanning expert commentary on the hottest trends in IT.

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Informatica finds new markets thanks to business cloud adoption

Enterprise businesses are powerful industry forces, but they can have a problem seeing the forest for the trees. Small companies, even mid-tier ones, slip under the radar, no matter what kind of opportunities those businesses represent. The issue is one of access and information. The cloud, however, is changing all that, according to Greg Hanson (pictured), […]

Finding the center among clouds

Everything is going to the cloud. Things get complicated, though, when one realizes everything is also going to multiple clouds. Data might live here, applications there. Customer-facing platforms could be on another cloud service entirely. Cloud vendors all offer environments that benefit one service over another, so this state of affairs is likely to continue, according […]

Data governance key to generating trusted data that fuels value

Garbage in; garbage out. That’s been the mantra of the computing world since forever. In today’s world of big data and the Internet of Things, filtering the garbage from valuable insights has become even more important. The new word on the street is data governance, first born from regulatory compliance, but now companies are wielding […]

Riding the cloud wave with always-on data

Few saw how the cloud would change the way the world does business. But some did. While the scope of those changes spread by the cloud are beyond imagining, the concept itself is logical enough. Data and processing, anywhere, on demand. Veeam Software Inc. is one company working in the data protection arena that saw […]

SAP expands partner ecosystem to drive new revenue and routes to market

Partner ecosystems are a vital part of doing business in the modern world. When the right people work together, everybody wins. SAP has been refining its own partnership program to help more companies come on board, according to Scott Harrison (pictured), senior director, America’s ISV and digital commerce business, at SAP SE. “… Partners are key […]

Dell EMC turbo-boosts ecosystem with agile channel partner program

In the modern business world, it’s all about the partnerships. Any company is only as strong as the ecosystem around it, and good partners go a long way. The best method of finding good partners is to make them, and Dell EMC is looking to do just that with speedy actions to its sales channel partner […]

Beyond infrastructure wars: putting cloud services on multiple platforms

Where a software application physically runs is becoming less important in the public cloud era, stealing the crown from on-premise infrastructure. As information technology infrastructure becomes a nameless commodity, the real money is moving to software services, according to Dan Lahl (pictured), vice president of product marketing at SAP SE. “Our view is, we’re going to […]

How hyper-converged minimizes infrastructure ‘fiddle factor’

Faster is better. To gain the edge in speed, tech companies have been turning to hyper-converged infrastructure so they can spend less time with their information technology foundations and more time innovating. Now, hyper-converged solutions are going to the cloud. “How do customers spend less time integrating and maintaining their infrastructure and more time supporting […]

Improving mission-critical applications via ‘landscape management’

Software applications do not run in a vacuum. Infrastructure is as important as applications, and modern infrastructure is moving to the cloud. This transition is never easy, especially when it concerns mission-critical applications. Most businesses need a partner to help them during this delicate time. This presents an opportunity for those who understand how to […]

Can data really be fully protected in a cloud-driven world?

Data must be protected. Not just from stealthy thieves, but also from all the random accidents that can happen in this rough world. This becomes tricky when data moves to and from, or across, the cloud. Effective ways to protect and manage data are vital for cloud-driven businesses, according to Jaspreet Singh (pictured), founder and chief […]