Paul Gillin

Paul Gillin is the Senior Editor for Wikibon’s micro-analysis team. He is the author of five books and more than 300 articles on the topic of social media and digital marketing. Gillin has 23 years experience in tech journalism, including his time as founding editor-in-chief of B2B technology publisher TechTarget as well as editor-in-chief and executive editor of the technology weekly Computerworld. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research and a member of the Procter & Gamble Digital Advisory Board.

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MapR boosts SQL with addition of Apache Drill to core Hadoop distribution

MapR Technologies, Inc. marked a milestone of sorts today with the announcement that it is shipping Apache Drill 1.0 in the MapR distribution of the Hadoop Big Data platform. The company has been shipping earlier versions of Drill, for which it has been the primary developer for the past three years, since last September, but […]

Enterprise Headline Roundup for May 19, 2015

A daily summary of stories in the areas of Big Data, cloud computing and software-led infrastructure from some of the top news sources on the Web. Business News Hightower Raises $13M Series B Round For Its Leasing Management Service – TechCrunch  “This new round brings Hightower, Inc.’s total funding to $22 million, which makes it […]

Wikibon’s new Big Data analyst sees explosive changes coming

Wikibon’s newest analyst sees dramatic shifts happening in the way organizations are looking at data, and that will lead to major changes in platforms, skill requirements and the way business is done. George Gilbert joins Wikibon as lead Big Data and Analytics analyst after six years on GigaOm Research’s coverage team of those areas. With […]

Zebra doubles down on Android, launches first industrial app store

Hot on the heels of a blowout quarterly earnings report, Zebra Technologies Corp. announced the opening of an app store for its line of industrial mobile devices and bulked up its Android line with a high-end device featuring multi-carrier 4G LTE capabilities, extra-long battery life and the ability to withstand harsh drops and water immersion. […]

Confused about PaaS? Wikibon can help

More than 1,500 developers, operators and managers are gathering in Santa Clara, CA this morning for the two-day Cloud Foundry Summit, highlighting the popularity of the new breed of development platforms that are specific to the cloud. Pivotal Software, Inc.’s Cloud Foundry is just one of a diverse and growing lineup of so-called platform-as-a-service (PaaS) […]

Ask a Wikibon analyst: Are there reasons to worry about VMware?

If you look at financial results alone, VMware, Inc. is in great shape. The company reported another strong quarter two weeks ago and said its new initiatives are firing on all cylinders. So why are so many people worried about VMware? It boils down to the question of whether it’s a one-trick pony. Sure, the […]

Why Microsoft will make Windows free

About a year ago I chastised my colleague, Mike Wheatley, for suggesting in a story on SiliconANGLE that Microsoft should open-source Windows. That’s crazy, I said. Windows is a $20 billion revenue stream for Microsoft, and it would never abandon a business that big. Now it appears that Mike was on the right track. Microsoft […]

Cisco’s Chambers will be a tough act to follow

Two years ago I worked with Cisco Systems, Inc. on a contract basis helping build the program for the company’s annual CIO Summit. The event brought together about 100 CIOs from some of the world’s largest companies for two days of strategizing and feedback with Cisco executives, including CEO John Chambers. I’ve attended a lot […]

Sprint touts single-SIM strategy for global Internet of Things service

In a bid to take advantage of the feeding frenzy over the Internet of Things (IoT) and to gain ground against market leader AT&T, Inc. , Sprint Corp. is expanding its Command Center device monitoring and control service to span more than 200 countries and supporting a wide variety of communications protocols using a single […]

Ask a Wikibon Analyst: Will Amazon Dominate the Public Cloud?, Inc. reported blowout earnings on Thursday, revealing that its public cloud service business is not only on track to exceed $6 billion this year but is highly profitable and growing quickly as well. Amazon’s cloud footprint is so large that the company has been compared to the 1990s vintage of Microsoft, which dominated the […]