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Phil Butler is editor-in-chief of Everything PR and contributes regularly at top publications. He’s a widely cited authority on beta startups, search engines and public relations issues, and he has covered tech news since 2004. Phil wrote in the past for ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, Profy, SitePoint, Search Engine Journal, AltSearchEngines. Follow Phil on Twitter or send him an email at phil [at] pamil-visions [dot] com.

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Just.Me: Is It “Just” the Paradigm Shift in Social Networking?

The much anticipated Just.Me iOS beta goes live Monday, but here’s a fresh look at why the mobile messaging startup is an important moment in digital developments.  Just.Me offers a whole new perspective on flexible where mobility meets social. Developed by the co-founder of TechCrunch,  Keith Teare, this latest entrepreneurial endeavor on his part is actually […]

Not Just Another Black Friday: 2012 Tech Wonders

Maybe you’ve noticed, the holiday season is once again upon us. And what Thanksgiving or Christmas would be complete without Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, especially for lovers of tech? Shopping online was once a novelty, believe it or not. Today however, just about anything you could want is just on the other side […]

The Big Ole Data – Data Quiz

Data, data, everywhere you go you are surrounded by numbers, text, and statistics staggering in their sheer volume. We need huge databases just to store all that access, and infrastructures to access it all easily, but this is not necessarily the biggest problem of a growing data puzzle. What is? Usability. One of the biggest […]

Pandemics, Droughts, World Chaos, and Big Data Nightmares

Big data, T.H.E. IT topic of 2012, would seem to only come in one size – big – but in many flavors, everything we study. In every industry from autos to science and beyond, the volume of data has reached an almost epidemic scale, at least for the people who need the flow of it […]

Ten Essential Apps for DIY Enthusiasts

Just like our wardrobes need constant replenishing, our homes need to ‘get with it’ from time to time as well. The scope of home improvements can vary from a simple lick of paint on the walls, to adding a garage or even a whole new floor. But, regardless of how ambitious the project may or […]

5 Profiles In Social Media Excellence

Everyone reading this little list of social presences will have their own favorites, lists of those extraordinary profiles out there that reach out and grab your attention. Better yet, those that really do take you in, into where brand becomes true identity. The following suggested social accounts are just a few we ran across researching […]