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Can AI satisfy spoiled buyers used to the ‘Amazon effect’?

Retailers and service providers better be ready for their closeups, as digitization is allowing customers to compare and contrast products before making a purchase. “I’d say it’s the era of the empowered customer,” said Des Cahill (pictured), vice president and head CX evangelist at Oracle. The Amazon Effect  — whereby customers have increased ability to research and choose among […]

Can Oracle’s agile data strategy cure what ails marketing pros?

At this week’s Oracle Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada, speakers and attendees stressed that MarTech — the blending of marketing and technology — cannot significantly improve business without the aid of agile cultural transformation. Peter Burris (@plburris) (pictured, left) and John Furrier (@furrier), (pictured, right), co-hosts of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile live streaming […]

Analysts gauge data’s need for speed in marketing analytics

There are two race tracks in big data — one for data and another for its analytic models’ iterative cycles. Speed is synonymous with cloud-native, but legacy companies with database business like Oracle might finish first, analysts say. Both breeds of cloud provider have strengths, which John Furrier (@furrier) (pictured, right) and Peter Burris (@plburris) (pictured, left), […]

Will real-time animation apps spawn a set of indie YouTube cartoonists?

Think animated shows are one form of entertainment that can never be created and viewed simultaneously? Think again, said Victoria Nece (@FakeGreenDress), product manager of motion graphics and visual effects at Adobe Systems Inc. Character Animator is an Adobe application that “allows you to do real-time live animation using your webcam and your microphone and also […]

Can blockchain reform Hollywood’s notorious back-end deal?

The old adage “there’s no back-end in Hollywood” often is borne out in disputes between film professionals over monies owed. Could blockchain’s digital asset ledger bring trust and transparency to these risky transactions? “When you look at making a movie or a television program, it’s just a lot of transactions, and that’s where blockchain is […]

Artistic collaboration goes 2.0 with real-time cloud computing

Lennon and McCartney; Warhol and Basquiat; F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald — history’s filled with famous creative duos, and new technology could create more by knocking down collaborative barriers of time and locality. “You don’t want to be restricted by geography in finding the person you want to collaborate with,” said Shailendra Mathur (pictured), vice president/chief architect at Avid Technology Inc. Artists […]

How marketing is entering the digital era with ‘agile transformation’

Real-world progress in digital marketing lags behind MarTech, the blending of marketing and technology. Why? Because marketers lack agility, a crucial piece to the puzzle, according to Roland Smart (pictured), vice president of social and community marketing at Oracle Corp. “Digital transformation is … dominating the marketer’s consciousness at the moment,” Smart said, adding that there is a […]

Media mixes with tech from YouTube to NASA at 2017 NAB Show

The M.E.T. Effect (the convergence of media, entertainment and tech) was on full display at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week — from tech for amateur YouTubers to today’s livestream from the NASA International Space Station. One standout example of big data’s success is the story around Netflix. “We see more data-based […]

Marketing silos cracked for insight as digital customers X out ads, analysts say

Consumers are demanding a digital experience that seeps in marketing rather than splashes them in the face with it. The question is, how will companies orchestrate this and who will be at the helm? “Marketing was always a silo,” John Furrier (@furrier) (pictured, right) told Peter Burris (@plburris) (pictured, left), co-hosts of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile live streaming […]

The data arms race could be won with CRM’s secret weapon

Businesses need customer data to differentiate products, pricing and scale. But how much does freely available data from entities like Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. help them? To stand out, they will have to own and fully exploit their own data, said Marta Federici (pictured), global head of Customer Relationship Management B2C and B2B at Royal Philips of the Netherlands. “Customer […]