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What can’t you put in a container? Analysts review Docker’s newest products

At this week’s DockerCon in Austin, Texas, open-platform provider for application management Docker Inc. charted its desired territory, which straddles open-source and enterprise and reaches far in both directions. While the newly unveiled Moby Project feeds its experimental developer demographic, other announcements promise to bear Docker into large- and medium-sized businesses on the backs of legacy companies. […]

Can Docker’s storage, network coups help it conquer the enterprise?

What better way for Docker Inc. to make its enterprise ambitions known than by bringing customers Visa Inc. and MetLife Inc. on stage at DockerCon in Austin, Texas, according to Stephen Foskett (pictured), organizer in chief of Tech Field Day, days held throughout the year that bring together information technology product vendors and independent thought leaders. “Docker is not only […]

Amazon reveals culture quirks, courts startups at AWS summit 2017

Day one of the AWS Summit in San Francisco, California, leaked some tips for tech companies deciding whether to join or fight the Amazon juggernaut. For competing cloud providers out to imitate Amazon Web Services, there was a glimpse into the culture that has made the company number one. For instance, Amazon.com Inc. revealed that its team […]

AWS cloud turns data center application model on its head, says report

With its “The State of Modern Applications in AWS Report” released last November, Amazon.com Inc. partner Sumo Logic Inc. took it upon itself to be the de facto census bureau for AWS’ huge user community. Its joining with Amazon has opened doors to high profile customers like Pinterest, Twitter and Airbnb, according to Kalyan Ramanathan (pictured), vice president product marketing […]

Can tech that made Google the world’s richest company lure customers from Amazon?

For all the panic about how other cloud providers will compete with market leader Amazon Web Services, the more timely question might be: Why would they want to compete? If the end goal of today’s virtualized cloud infrastructure is to narrow the focus of business onto applications, why not outsource the rest to Amazon.com Inc., asked […]

Rewriting the bottom line: Docker EE and the open-source profit question

Docker Inc., which provides an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship and run distributed applications, is a company sometimes knocked for failing to monetize, is a case study in how the evolving open-source community is rethinking how to drive profit. “Open source today is very different than open source five years, ago, […]

Could an unsung Microsoft Azure feature make containers yesterday’s news?

News flash: Containers aren’t that new. Docker Inc. didn’t invent containers, and they may not even be the best virtualization method for deploying and running distributed applications. This is according to John Gossman (pictured), architect for the Microsoft Azure core team at Microsoft. To its credit, Docker did simplify container use for mere mortals, Gossman told Stu Miniman (@stu) and James […]

It’s ‘developer day’ at DockerCon with two open-source projects announced

Today is shaping up to be “developer day” at DockerCon17 in Austin, Texas. While questions of monetization and enterprise software hang in the air, for now, Docker Inc. seems as committed to its open-source developer base as ever. “I’m pretty sure everything that was announced today is open source; it’s in there; it’s in the free version,” said […]

Ecosystem team-ups multiply security weaknesses, says Cisco

The digital transformation is impelling companies to grow their partnering ecosystems, leaving data vulnerable not just in their own infrastructure, but in each of their partners’ too, according to Edna Conway, chief security officer of global value chain at Cisco Systems Inc. “As we digitize, we embrace more and more members of this third-party ecosystem and that […]

How Uber cruised Apache data frameworks and arrived at Flink

It’s hard to overstate how heavily ride-sharing apps rely on fresh data streams to do business. So what makes a streaming data framework good enough for Uber? Uber has run the gamut from Apache Spark to Apache Samza to Flink, most recently, said Chinmay Soman (pictured), staff software engineer at Uber Technologies Inc. “We observed that the […]