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R. Danes is a staff writer for theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media's premier channel for live event coverage in enterprise IT.
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No development team? Custom workflows may be the answer | #Know16

It’s said again and again these days that every company will have to become an IT company — not great news for those already struggling to pay salaries. Luckily, there are ways you can kick the IT you have up a notch without adding a whole team of developers. Darrel Popowich, VP of IT at […]

Get ready for the next IT goldrush: The new workflow management market | #Know16

The IT universe is endlessly expanding, and it shows no sign of slowing down. If you want to compete in the economy of today and tomorrow, you have to utilize Big Data, you have to go hybrid, you have to use DevOps. The list goes on. And this endless growth has its corollary in the […]

New tagline for ServiceNow: ‘Providers hate us’ | #Know16

According to the customer stories from the Knowledge16 conference, the ServiceNow platform is simplifying the IT operations for a diverse range of companies. These businesses are making one thing clear: They would find it difficult to do their day-to-day jobs if it weren’t for ServiceNow, Inc. pulling things together. For companies that do a lot […]

Coding for a cause: This year’s ServiceNow Hackathon winners | #Know16

There’s a meme these days that casts coders and programmers as brazen careerists, sending San Francisco’s rents through the roof and driving around in Teslas with “DISRUPT” on the license plates. We can’t vouch for the general truth or falsehood of the stereotype, but we can point to one team of developers who pose a […]

What AI means today: Crunching numbers out; reading words in | #Know16

Most people understand data analytics as a boring sort of mathematics task where vast sets of numbers and statistics are deconstructed and put together again to provide an educated guess about consumer behavior. But if we want to get to the level of smart, precise decision making, we need to be able to parse the […]

Will this app give mom and pop shops equal footing with you-know-who? | #SAPPHIRENOW

Consumers love eCommerce; every year the number of purchases made online continues to grow, and many even prefer online shopping to shopping in the real world. But there is one group of people who are not 100 percent in love with this trend: owners of small physical shops. They have been hungry for a tool […]

Is it time to burst the cloud bubble? | #Know16

Cloud has been a hot word in IT for the past few years. If you’re a legacy company looking to stay relevant, add a cloud service. If you’re a startup, boast about your bleeding-edge, cloud-native infrastructure. If you’re an enterprise, surely you’re next profitable move involves a cloud service. But is it time to take […]

Can ServiceNow give the best in security a run for their money? | #Know16

With the growing size and complexity of IT comes growing risks of security breaches. Many are now saying it’s not a matter if you are breached, but when, so the task is to learn how to manage the breaches as they arise. Bart Murphy, CIO and CTO of CareWorks Family of Companies, said that the “when, […]

Pull it together: Is IT all over the place costing you time and money? | #Know16

The world of IT is expanding faster than ever; off-prem and hybrid cloud trends are driving a lot of it, as are DevOps and Software-as-a-Service. While the array of options is great for customizing, many find themselves wondering how many more IT products and services they can manage to keep track of. This is why […]

The proof in the pudding: Customers sound off about ServiceNow | #Know16

The true measure of a company isn’t in the press releases or marketing spin its employees issue from behind their desks. If you want to know what a product or service is delivering in the real world, you need to hit the streets and ask paying customers if they’re getting their money’s worth. Luckily, theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE […]