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R. Danes is a staff writer for theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media's premier channel for live event coverage in enterprise IT.
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The pendulum swing: From suite to cloud and back again | #SAPPHIRENOW

Years ago, it was predicted that the industry would move rapidly to the cloud — and move it did at a pace that exceeded everyone’s expectations. With customers now used to the cloud-based world, they increasingly expect seamless solutions. That seamlessness, according to Tom Roberts, global VP of 3rd-Party Solutions at SAP SE, relies on integration. […]

The millennial effect: The new demand for instant gratification IT | #SAPPHIRENOW

Food for thought: Are cloud infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service making easy, all-in-one IT inevitable? Or are people raised in a culture of convenience pressuring IT developers for instant gratification? Jason Wolf, GM of Global Technology Partners at SAP SE, said it’s a symbiotic relationship, but he sees customers’ shrinking attention spans as the greater driver. Wolf calls […]

Building bridges: Learning to live in the world of many clouds | #SAPPHIRENOW

Some enterprises are running so many different clouds, consultants are starting to specialize in decluttering their clients’ cloud inventories. But the fact is that most companies using multiple clouds need them all to perform crucial tasks. For them, better means of traveling among clouds are what’s needed. Dave Mason, SVP of cDOT Acceleration at NetApp, […]

Earning your keep: The new ways providers have to satisfy the customer | #SAPPHIRENOW

The IT market is expanding so rapidly, an enterprise manager might feel downright bewildered by all the choices available. The good news is that increasing competition means providers have to work harder to satisfy customers’ needs. Gone are the days when you were sold something, given an 800 number to dial when something breaks and […]

Digital transformation: Unpacking an overloaded term | #SAPPHIRENOW

“Digital transformation” is a term on everyone’s minds in Silicon Valley lately. We are all at some phase or another in this transformation. But what if you are a startup? Do you need to “transform” in the same way a legacy company does? What does the transformation mean for companies starting at different points? Prakash […]

Are the giants of IT taking ‘coopetition’ to a new level? | #SAPPHIRENOW

This year’s SAP SapphireNow event was a star-studded affair — the giants of IT gathered to look into the future of SAP and its partners. Fortunately, the result was not the clash of egos one might expect, but rather a fusing of plans and visions for transforming the enterprise.  Anil Saboo, VP of business development at SAP SE, […]

The IT-developer shakeup: The new back-end, front-end role reversal | #Know16

“What would you do for a developer?” could be the name of a parlor game for enterprise managers. Hypothetical answers might be, “Crawl through broken glass,” “Swim with sharks” and “eat a diet of snails and snake blood for a month.” Such is the market for highly skilled developers. So when a company is able […]

A team sport: Customer service for the future | #Know16

The word on the street for a while has been that customer service is broken. Every company will have to become an IT company to survive, and they will need support that goes well beyond the familiar call center experience. How are IT providers going to serve the rapidly expanding needs of their customers? Abhijit […]

On the same page: How transparency improves service | #Know16

In the traditional hierarchical structure of an organization, much time is consumed going and asking superiors questions and waiting for their answers. How much more efficient could you be if all your employees had the same knowledge as the boss and the boss always knew exactly what was happening in the trenches? Dan Hedstrom, VP […]

Less is more: Improving your IT by getting rid of stuff | #Know16

Getting the strongest, fastest, best IT for your business is all about adding hot new software, services, and clouds, right? Well, until you have a glut of applications and processes slowing you down. Then, it’s time to slim down and start getting rid of stuff to improve performance and cut time consumption. Dave Schecklman, SVP […]